1. Scope of application

All legal transactions and bookings finalized through the booking page https://donnarossa.ch/workshops/ (hereinafter referred to as the “booking page”) are regulated by the present general terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as the “GTC” or “GTC – Workshops”). The booking page is run and offered by the private person Sabrina Schumacher, hereinafter referred to as donnarossa. Donnarossa reserves the right to change the GTC at any time. The up-to-date version is accessible via the URL https://donnarossa.ch/gtc-workshops/. The GTC version accessible during the customer’s booking submission is applicable and binding.

2. Offer
Events and workshops respectively prices published on the booking page act as offers. The offer is valid as long as it is accessible and bookable through the booking page.

3. Products and prices
Donnarossa reserves the right to define and redefine prices without restrictions and at any time. The price(s) published on the booking page is resp. are applicable during the booking process. In cases of wrongly published prices donnarossa reserves the right to inform the customer prior to the booked date and to define a price correction by mutual consent or to cancel the booking entirely.
Prices are specified in Swiss Francs. Currently, no VAT is charged – according to the Swiss law on self-employment.

4. Conclusion of contract
A confirmed booking automatically leads to a binding contract between donnarossa and the booking customer, regulated by the present GTC. The booking is confirmed as soon as the booking form is completed and successfully submitted, the payment is booked to donnarossa’s bank or PayPal account and a booking confirmation has been sent to the customer.

5. Payment
The course/workshop fees must be issued within the period defined on the booking page (usually 7 work days [bank transfers] or 10 minutes [PayPal transfers]). Not paying or not paying on time automatically leads to the cancellation of the booking.

6. Cancellation/postponement by the customer
Day of cancellation = the day the customer’s written cancellation statement arrives at donnarossa.
If the customer cancels her or his participation donnarossa will raise a handling fee in the percentage of the course price:
50% in case of cancellation 31 days or more prior to the beginning of the course.
100% in case of cancellation 30 – 0 days prior to the beginning of the course.

Postponing the workshop at the request of the customer is generally not possible. Nevertheless, the cancellation deadlines of the original booking date remain applicable if donnarossa under exceptional circumstances still agree on a postponement.

7. Replacement
Instead of cancelling her or his participation the customer is allowed to send another person in her or his place if the following conditions are met:
a) The replacing person agrees to take over the entire arrangement under the same conditions. A replacement for only parts of a course is not accepted.
b) The customer submits the following data of her or his replacement to donnarossa: title, full name, private address, e-mail address and phone number.

8. Workshop cancellation through donnarossa
donnarossa reserves the right to cancel the course/workshop, e.g., due to health reasons or a lack of registrations. In such cases the course fees are fully refunded or – by mutual agreement only – the course will be rescheduled and no refund is paid.

9. Non-acceptance of participant
donnarossa reserves the right to reject participants, e.g. if the maximum number of participants according to the workshop announcement is exceeded. In such cases, the workshop fees are fully refunded or – by mutual agreement only – the participation will be rescheduled and no refund is paid.

10. Payments & refunds – workshops
Payments are only accepted in Swiss Francs (CHF) by bank transfer, credit or debit card or in cash. Third party transaction fees (e.g., charged by the issuing bank or company) are fully passed on to the customer. Refunds by donnarossa are paid in CHF by bank transfer or in cash.

11. Non-Compliance with the GTC
In case of a violation of the GTC donnarossa reserves the right to refuse the registrants participation and/or take legal action.

12. Privacy and data protection
Personal data is only collected and stored (by donnarossa) if necessary to provide the services and events announced on the booking page. It is not used for any other purposes without the explicit permission of the customer. It is only handed over to third parties if necessary to finalize a booking or to execute an event. Third parties may be the payment handling banks or companies (such as PayPal) or external workshop/course directors.

You will find detailed information in our Privacy Policy.

13. Law Applicable and Place of Jurisdiction
Within the contractual relationship between you and donnarossa Swiss law is applicable exclusively. Lawsuits against donnarossa can only be filed in Zurich, Switzerland.

Date: December 4th, 2017