To create beautiful knitwear, you need different skills: The sense for the material, the choice of colours and patterns as well as the knowledge about knitting. The nice thing about knitting is that it gives you something unique and wearable. I'll show you how it works.

What you can find here


Looking for a new challenge? Getting started with a pattern requires courage.

I assure you that all my knitting patterns have been checked by a technical editor and by my test knitters.

So you can sit back and relax. I take you by the hand and guide you step by step through the patterns. And your courage will be rewarded with something unique and wearable!


I give you knowledge and confidence by elevating your knitting skills.

Can't you handle a certain knitting technique? In my tutorials, I explain step by step how to do it.

Do you prefer that I show it to you on site? Then stop by my workshops.


Would you like to learn more about knitting? I like to share my experience in knitting.

In my knitting dictionary, you will find the common terms in German and English for knitting.

Under needle sizes and yarn weights, you will find the conversion tables to make your project a success.

When knitting, I always use tools that make my knitting life easier. Under resources, I have listed the things that help me.

My Story

Hi, I'm Sabrina and live in Zurich (Switzerland). I design knitting patterns and give knitting workshops.

In 2009 I started knitting out of need. Because I couldn't find a suitable hat for me. Since then the knitting fever has gripped me and I have not let go.

Knitting is incredibly beautiful. To choose the material, the colours, the texture and the pattern - your decision. You have so much freedom when knitting. You create something with your own hands. And in the end, you will have something unique and wearable. Great, isn't it?

As a former architect, the detail is important to me. That's why I modified more and more of the patterns because something bothered me. So the obvious step was to write patterns myself.

I design modern knitting patterns inspired by places I know through kite surfing and paragliding. Outdoor sports take me into nature, where I can relax and recharge my creativity. Through a design, you get a memory of this place. I like to capture the textures of a place and transform them into knitting patterns.

It gives me pleasure to pass on my knowledge in my knitting workshops. When I see someone clicking, I know I've done my job right. And I like to motivate people and infect them with the knitting virus.

Knitting connects

Knitting is like meditation. However, in the group, it has a different force. The common hobby connects. Knitting in company is more fun.

At my regular knitting meetings (Knit'n'Sips via in Zurich, knitting enthusiasts meet for a beer or cocktail after work. We chat about current knitting projects, exchange our experiences and can laugh about knitting disasters.

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