Fixing knitting mistakes

strickfehler beheben fixing knitting mistakes

Mistakes are a part of knitting, but it’s no fun when they stop you and there’s nobody there to help. Learn to recognize the faults and analyze whether it is a fallen stitch, an extra stitch, a twisted stitch, loose edges or something more “creative”.

Learn to secure, correct, change, compensate, or whatever it takes to regain control of knitting.

When: May 25th, 2019, 13.30-16.30h

Where: Breidagen, Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Duration: 3 hours

Costs: 59.- / 69.- EUR

Lace Basics for Beginners

Langebaan shawl edge donnarossa Tuch Lochmuster lace

Yarn overs matched with decreases: that’s all about lace. But an incredible variety of lace patterns stems from the way a handful of decrease stitches are placed in relation to their matching yarn overs.

Learn how to work the decreases, how to knit into a yarn over, and how to keep track of your lace knitting while working some sample swatches. I give you tips about choosing the appropriate yarn and needles, fixing mistakes and blocking.

When: May 26th, 2019, 13.30-16.30h

Where: Breidagen, Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Duration: 3 hours

Costs: 59.- / 69.- EUR

Knitting emergency hotline

stricken notfall hotline knitting donnarossa

Need help with knitting? You're right in the middle of your knitting project and can't get any further?

When: You choose the time when it suits you best.

Where: everywhere, via Zoom (video)

Duration: 15 minutes

Costs: 15.- CHF



Breidagen, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
May 25/26 2019

I'll be teaching two workshops at the very first edition of Breidagen in Amsterdam. And I will have a booth together with Penny Lane Yarns and Knitstime.


I taught at the following events:

  • Swiss Wulle Festival 2015 Zug: "Understanding English knitting patterns"
  • Stitching Retreat 2016, Fällanden: "Ravel-what?"
  • Neustadtgass13, Winterthur: "Understanding English knitting patterns"
  • Natural Yarns, Cape Town (South Africa): "Fixing Knitting Mistakes"
  • Swiss Yarn Festival 2019: "Understanding English knitting patterns"


I like to teach at festivals, large and small knitting meetings or private events.

  • Understanding English knitting patterns
  • Fixing knitting mistakes
  • Basic Lace for Beginners
  • Ravel-WHAT?!

The class content can be customized in content and time by collusion to the needs of the event. I'm constantly working on my course program, oblige the student's wishes and develop new concepts. I am happy to prepare also a special class concept by request.