Knitting Hotline: Immediate help for knitting problems

Strick-Hotline Strickkurs donnarossa Online

On the knitting hotline, I'll advise you personally. No matter where you are - at home, in the office or on holiday.

When: by appointment

Where: at home/ on your laptop or smartphone

Costs: 30.- CHF

Understanding english knitting patterns

Englische Strickanleitungen verstehen Bücher donnarossa

Your friend looks longingly at the many great knitting patterns in English? The school English is already buried or she never had English lessons? She's afraid of using patterns in another language? The online class is in German.

When: today

Where: at your home/ on your laptop or smartphone

Time: now

Costs: 89.- CHF



Yarnhattan German Raveler Meetup

13. German Raveler Meetup

Frankfurt (Germany)
July 2nd/ 3rd, 2021 cancelled and postponed to 2022

I'm looking forward to be part of the 13th edition.

Swiss Yarn Festival

Swiss Yarn Festival

Winterthur (Switzerland)
September 4th / 5th, 2021 cancelled and postponed to 2022

I am looking forward to be part of the 3rd edition of the festival.


I taught at the following events:

  • Swiss Wulle Festival 2015 Zug: "Understanding English knitting patterns"
  • Stitching Retreat 2016, Fällanden: "Ravel-what?"
  • Neustadtgass13, Winterthur: "Understanding English knitting patterns"
  • Natural Yarns, Cape Town (South Africa): "Fixing Knitting Mistakes"
  • Swiss Yarn Festival 2019: "Understanding English knitting patterns"
  • Breidagen Amsterdam (Netherlands) 2019: "Basic Lace for Beginners"
  • German Raveler Meeting 2019, Leipzig (Germany): "Fixing knitting mistakes"
  • Wollsymphonie, Neuenburg a.R. (Germany): "Understanding english knitting patterns"
  • Swiss Yarn Festival 2020, Glattfelden: "Basic Lace for Beginners" and "Understanding english knitting patterns"


I like to teach at festivals, large and small knitting meetings or private events.

  • Understanding English knitting patterns
  • Fixing knitting mistakes
  • Basic Lace for Beginners
  • Ravel-WHAT?!

The class content can be customized in content and time by collusion to the needs of the event. I'm constantly working on my course program, oblige the student's wishes and develop new concepts. I am happy to prepare also a special class concept by request.