Here are all the things I use to grow my passion for knitting every single day!

  • Ravelry is THE place for knitters/ crocheters/ spinners. They have a great knitting and crochet pattern search.
  • If you want to see, how the stitches appear, then Stitch Maps shows how the fabric flows – without the known grid.
  • I draw all of my charts with Stitch Mastery.
  • Enter your colours, stripe width and how many rows in the Stripe Generator and it will show you endless possibilities.
  • When you have a multi-coloured skein and don’t know what to do, Planned pooling might be an option. Knit a swatch in your preferred stitch and count the stitches for each colour.
  • My uber favourite knitting book is Die große Strickschule. A great reference book which I still use.
  • The knitting calculator helps you to estimate the yardage.
  • I type in the original yarn and gives me lots of yarn substitution.
  • To draft and schedule my task I use GQueues.