4KCBWDay2: A Mascot Project

Today’s topic has been a challenge to me. I’ve had no clue at all what to post about. So I’ve used Ravelry Pattern Search and typed in „bee“ and I show you what I’ve found:ravelry research

I’ve expected bee related amigurumi style patterns, but there were nice clothing patterns that showed up. Under all these I’ve found the Honeybee cardigan by Laura Chau which is since a long time in my queue and I immediately knew that’s the mascot project.


In the picture above you see Laura Chau’s version in pink, pattepoilue’s in orange and jettshin’s in yellow and HerdingCats‚ in red. There are many nice modifications of this cardigan: short or long body, short or long sleeves, buttoned or zippered, hooded or not…

It’s not only the name that fits to my mascot, it’s also because it has a nice and interesting lace pattern. The pattern description says it integrates set-in sleeves without the need for seaming. Set-in sleeves is a new technique for me and it sounds very sympathetic because I don’t like sewing.

Would someone join me for a knitalong?

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