WIP – Honeybee cardigan

As part of the blogweek we had to write about a mascot project. I came up with the idea of the Honeybee Cardigan by Laura Chau.

For a long time, this project is in my queue. Since I still have enough fingering weight yarn, I want to knit this project with a yarn I already have. But with what? In order to highlight the pattern, it’s best to use a bright colour.

A few weeks ago I started with the Lilium cowl. I’m usually at the beginning of a knitting project highly motivated. But with this project, the motivation has left me pretty quickly. The pattern is brand new, but it seems not tech edited because it still has one or the other hidden errors in it. And some parts I would knit differently. I’m already in contact with the designer. But somehow I’ve lost my mojo for this project.

Should I knit the cowl despite the lack of enthusiasm, just so it’s done? Will I really wear it? After careful consideration, I had to answer both questions in the negative. Thus, it was clear that I need the yarn for the Honeybee Cardigan now and I have to frog the unfinished cowl.

Thanks to the blog week I’ve pursued with pleasure mainly on day 5 „Something different“ the various options to post. So the idea came to create out of the process a stop motion video. Here’s my first video. Enjoy!

What I learned making the video:

  • take pictures in artificial light. Since such a project can drag on and the sunlight can change.
  • Set the resolution at the beginning of recordings.

Let me know what you think about.

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