FO – Lattice Top

frontI’ve finally finished my Lattice Top. It was my planned traveling project for Egypt but as you maybe know already of one of my earlier post I was pretty busy during my holidays with my other passion.

When I strolled through the yarn section this bright color caught my eyes. It’s name is „Creative Bamboo“ from Rico Design. But what shall I knit with bamboo? And what suits to this bright yellow? Well, one week later in the shop I came up with the idea to knit this summery top, in bright yellow and blue. Not that I have already some knit projects in progress. No. I need to knit with this specific color. Now!

The pattern is from Purl Bee and it’s free. It’s a very simple pattern, starting with the bottom of the back, work the way up with stockinette stitches, then the back lattice pattern, work the front lattice pattern and the front stockinette part. Then you sew the body parts together.


I had problems with the Lattice pattern that both edges looks proper. Whilst one side was very tight, the other was very loose. I’ve knitted garter stitches in the beginning of every row.

detailInspired by the trend of color blocking I’ve knitted the last three rows of the bottom of the body in the contrast color. Due to ‚Knitting Daily Newsletter‚ I’ve learned a way how stripes looks more crisp in a ribbing texture: In the first row of the new color you knit all stitches. After the color-change row is completed, continue working in ribbing as before.

I really like the result. I love the softness and the drape of the yarn. As it is bamboo it will grow a lot, so I’ve knitted it with negative ease to avoid a saggy look.

What kind of summer project do you have on your needles?

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