FO – Which came first, egg or chicken?

which came firstAfter making Dodo’s, Elephant and Fish toys I want to do something different. For a friends newborn I made this little funny toy. It’s name is „Which came first“ and it’s big like an ostrich egg. You can turn it inside out; whatever you like.

I love to make knitted or crocheted toys for babys. (Sometimes the daddies have even more fun to play with.) But making toys tend to be very fiddly and/or a lot of sewing. On the other hand you can use up some leftovers. And gauge is not important, but if you combine two different yarns, you should do it. Guess how I recognize that point. I’ve used for the egg a different yarn. I thought it was the same weight and started to knit with until I run out of yarn after doing 80% of the egg. Later I recognized the difference and started over with the egg.

By the end it’s always fun to see the result and I hope the newborn has fun with it too. My boyfriend thinks it looks funny but somehow it makes him confused. Are you confused too? How do you like it? I would love to hear what you think about it.

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