FO – Red Brush

It’s another „Finished Object“- friday. Today I show you my recent favorite shawl designed by Romi Hill.

Red Brush - border

Romi Hill is a famous knit designer who designs mainly lace shawls. For some time I have been quite fancy to knit her patterns. I follow her blog too, so I was informed of her „Pin and Lace club 2014„. In this club there will be 4 patterns released. There are options which includes the yarn and a shawl pin. I’ve signed up for the yarn and pattern option.

The first yarn arrived during my stay in Cape Town. I was even more curious, what kind of yarn and which colour it is. As soon as I’ve seen the colour I knew, this will be perfect for my boyfriend’s mother. She loves red.

Red Brush - total

Pattern: Red Brush by Romi Hill
Needle size: 4mm
Yarn: Miss Babs Isadora, colour „Desert Paintbrush“ (70% merino, 30% silk)

Red Brush - center

I thought this project will take ages. Anxious about finish it on time I’ve knitted everyday a few rows. It took me two weeks to finish this delicate project. I did not expect that I’ve finished the shawl so early. I had so much fun to knit this shawl. Even the nupps didn’t stopped me. It’s my first project with nupps. Do you like nupps?

When it came to blocking I stumbled over the following instructions:

To assist the shawl in keeping its shape, add a small amount of dissolved corn starch (approximately one half teaspoon of powder per quart of water) to spray bottle and lightly spray pinned shawl.

Really?! That was my first reaction. I’ve never heard of it before. As you never stop learning, I’ve tried it. And lo and behold it works. The shawl is a little stiffer through the corn starch, but it’s still soft enough for wearing it. Another lesson learned in lace knitting.

Red Brush - pattern repeat

The yarn weights will vary in the club. I’m curious to know what yarn awaits me in the next package. What color will it be? And what weight?


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