FO – Fine Vine shawl

knitting and bubbly

During my stay in Cape town I’ve visited some yarn stores which had Nurturing Fibres yarn. I fell in love with this colour and wanted to knit a shawl. On the road trip to Wilderness I’ve started to knit this pattern. I had to start over two or three times because I didn’t read the pattern through the end (or because of the bubbly wine?).

Fine vine shawl - total

Pattern: Fine Vine by Marisa Hernandez
Yarn: Nurturing Fibers Supertwist Sock Wool, colour „Fire Rose“ and „Ooak“
Needle size: 4mm
Finished measurements: depth 32cm x wingspan 175cm

I’m always fascinated by blocking. It gives the finished garment a professional look and it opens the lace. On the left picture above you see it before and the right picture shows it after blocking.

Blocking is the process of wetting, pressing or steaming finished pieces to give them their permanent size and shape and set the stitches. (from „Knitopedia“ by Vogue Knitting)

Fine vine shawl - border

As I’ve wanted a slightly bigger shawl I’ve repeated the chart 2 four instead of three times. I’ve ended up short, so I had to use a pink yarn from the same yarn for the last WS row and the bind off. I think it looks fine because it’s hardly noticeable.

Have you ever experienced the same? Have you ever had not enough yardage? What have you done to finish it?

Fine vine shawl - pointy border



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