What happens when I have to stay at home for two weeks!

One week before my surgery I urged to clean up things I wasn’t able to do for a while after it. So I went to IKEA to buy a shelf and some boxes to arrange my knitting corner in the living room new. I have already a shelf for my knitting stuff but it was way to small for it. Now I ‚ve sorted my yarn by weight and filled it into the new boxes and recognised that the bought boxes were to small for it. Oopsie. Sorting my stash by weight helps my to find that what I need faster and combine easier some leftovers for a new project.

As I had to stay at home for the last two weeks I had a lot of knitting time and I’ve finished following things:

Two socks in one

I’ve managed to knit these socks inside each other without connect them. I’m so proud.

Phone sock

As I like the yarn and the colourway I made with the leftovers a phone sock for my new mobile phone (which I ordered in these two weeks). It’s the Little Minx socks pattern, that I’ve already knit before and I really like the look.

Slouchy hat

My boyfriend wished a slouchy hat suitable to his beloved new jacket. So here we go, sir. I prefer the look of the inside out.

Repaired the baltic hat

As I’ve mentioned before I’ve finally managed to repair it. Now it’s in use again.

Knotty gloves

After the last knit meet up I forgot the hand-made set with hat and gloves in the train. So, I was in the need of some gloves. With leftovers of my favourite yarn Malabrigo Socks, I’ve knitted these lovely gloves and I didn’t use up everything. So I have still leftovers.

Estonian lace wrist warmers

I’ve needed something for my friend as a birthday present. I’ve already made a shawl for her for Christmas and I had leftovers from the shawl. As she mentioned sometimes that she really likes wrist warmers, I’ve knitted her those. So she made these pictures as I forgot to do it before I send them to her.

And I’ve started following projects because startitis broke through:

Bloomsbury pullover

Due to my stash cleanup I’ve found some leftovers of my first sweater I made for my boyfriend. The yarn is very soft and there is enough to knit a bigger project, so I thought it would be a waste to let it stay in some boxes. I’ve seen this nice pattern and started it. I had to get used again to this „thick“ needles 4.5mm as I’m used to knitting with thin needles and thinner yarn like fingering or lace weight. The advantage of thicker needles and the thicker yarn is that the project flies off the needles.

Cubist socks

I like to have a WIP suitable for my handbag, so I can carry along wherever I am and knit my time away. So I choose a sock project and a bright colourway to greet the springtime.

Lilium cowl

Another project to greet springtime, but not as a carry on project is this cowl.

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