FO – Hidden Gusset

This is my first entry this year for finished objects. Lately, I cheated my knitting with spinning. So small projects are very handy to finish. And you can always use something for your hands, like mitts or gloves. Combined with a cheerful colour, it’s perfect.

Backnang Wollfestival 2014_Koigu KPPPM

Last year I went to the Backnanger wool festival. There I found these colorful Koigu skeins. As their yardage is only 160m per 50g. It suits for any small accessories like mitts. And mitts are perfect for traveling as they’re a portable small project.


I took it with while waiting for wind…

Hidden gusset - work in progress

I took it with while meet some fellow knitters and have delicious ice cream…

Hidden gusset - finished

… and back again in Switzerland I finished them.

Pattern: Hidden Gusset by Mone Dräger (free)
Needle size: 2.75mm
Yarn: Koigu Painter’s Palette Premium Merino (KPPPM), colour „P 139 323“
Yardage: 40 g/ 128 m

Hidden gusset - wear

Since they’re finished, I wear them a lot. They are perfect to wear under my skiing mittens, when I ride my scooter. Or for a walk. Or anything else.

The yarn is very soft and I’m in love with the colours. So gorgeous. It’s 100% Merino and I’m wonder how long they last. Or maybe I loose them before they would worn out.

When it comes to gloves/ mitts, I always tend to loose one of it. Especially when they’re handmade.

What about you? Can you keep them together? How you do it?

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