Happy 2016!

Although a little delay, I wish you an exciting new year!

2015 collage

The new year has begun. Time to reflect. My last year was hectic and I had to stop doing things. With traveling I have time to think, but I am not ready yet. The only thing I know, I want and have to change a few things. This year will be in the sign of change. The goal has not yet been defined, though. So who knows where I will be by the end of the year :-)

With my travel reports I am a little behind the schedule, because in November I had the idea for a new design which I published in December. And another one is in the pipeline.

Thus, the sale runs smoothly, I now sell all my patterns via Ravelry. This required a redesign of my pattern page. So if something does not work out, let me know.

Besides my creativity, the preparations started for my annual event: Stitching Retreat 2016. The event will take place on 22 – 24 April. I would like to offer again courses and a marketplace. If you feel like to be a teacher or seller of this event, the registration period runs until the end of January.

After this quick update, I’m off to write about last stop of our roadtrip…

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