4KCBWDay7: Looking Forward

At the moment I’m in the mood to learn something new and break out of my comfort zone, rather if it’s a new craft or new skills in knitting.looking forward

  • I would like to learn how to spin with a drop spindle. I like the idea to spin your own yarn but a spinning wheel wouldn’t fit in my craftsy corner in the living room. Here you’ll find further informations about drop spindles.
  • I’ve seen recently those cute little stitch markers. They’re made with polymer clay. They’re so adorable and I wish I could do them by myself. There are many tutorials in the world wide web and you don’t need that much material, but you have to be patient for fiddly stuff like this :-)
  • For the next winter I plan to knit with all those leftovers something colorful, e.g. a blanket, a reverse fair isle cardigan or a sweater with vertical stranding

Let’s see if I have conquered those things in one year. The only thing I need to do all these things is TIME. Do you know where I could buy it?



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  1. Stel
    | Reply

    A Leftover’s Wearable item! Now that’s a good plan.

    • donnarossa
      | Reply

      we will see if it works out :-)

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