August break 2013 – first week

Aug 1 – Two days ago I was flying at Zugerberg. Maybe by walking up to the station I’ve hurted my knee again. Two days later it still hurts, even by just walking without any weight. So, today no paragliding for me. But I’ve hiked a little bit next to Ebenalp.
Aug 2 – Third day of pains. Still no paragliding for me this day. But really joyful afternoon with boyfriend’s mom watching all the paragliders at Kronberg.
vegan cooking vegan for fit
Aug 3 – Healthy dinner :-) I’ve bought the book “vegan for fit” and my boyfriend and I played cards a while ago. The loser had to cook a dinner with a recipe out of the book. Guess who was the loser…
zugerberg paragliding knitting
Aug 4 – waiting for the right wind direction at Zugerberg.

As part of the August Break 2013 from Susannah Conway I’ll take a picture every day of august and share it with you. This is how it works:

Each day, for the whole of August, take a photo and share it on your blog. You can add words if you want — or not. You can use any camera. You could share a series of photos, or miss a day out, or just post on weekends. There are no real rules, basically. This is all about being present and enjoying taking photos just for the hell of it. And perhaps reinvigorating your love for blogging, and/or taking a break from writing.

I have decided to take part in The August Break for a variety of reasons. Firstly I’ll be away for some days in August, so blogging in a visual way will be more convenient for me. Hopefully the upload of the pictures by the app will work. Let’s see :-) And I want to do something different. Hope you like it.

The August Break 2013

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