from dyeing to flying – my sixth week in Cape Town

studio of Nurturing Fibres

Three years ago I’ve met a local indie dyer from South Africa. It’s Nurturing Fibres from which I’ve already bought some skeins two weeks ago. I’ve contacted Carle and she opened her studio in Philadelphia for two others and me. She’s so nice. We’ve sit together, drunk coffee and chat – and of course we knitted and spin too. While time to relax my eyes browsed around the lovely yarn. Of course I couldn’t resist and had to buy one or the other souvenir. Later the day I’ve went to Langebaan for another kitesurf session. There was no wind at Shark Bay in the lagoon but at main beach it was really windy. It was the first time I had to depower my kite. With lots of beginner, strong wind and choppy water it wasn’t fun anymore, but at least I could kitesurf and the drive was worth.

On sunday while kitesurfing in front of the beachhouse there was a big group of animals in the water: lots of seals, dolphins and penguins accompanied by seagulls. You don’t want to know who was following them :-) but it was impressive to see them.

The other day my boyfriend was nice and took some pictures of my – well, it wasn’t so strong wind that he would like to ride. At least there were a few useful snapshots. When the wind got stronger – and I tired of jumping – we switched.

hot hot hot

Another time we got up early for a morning flight in Franschhoek. The weather was nice but too hot for strong thermals. After lunch we went for a swim in the Bergrivier.

The next day we went for a road trip to Wilderness. It’s located at the south-east coast along the Garden Route. The Wilderness area has a long ridge with a dune which is perfect for paragliding. It takes about five hours to get there. There are several launches like the space between hotel buildings in Wilderness and Major Dad’s ramp, but I prefer Kleinkrantz. You start right at the dune – and it’s the safer way :-)

When I was tired of paragliding (or the wind was already to strong for me) I’ve knitted. I’ve started with a new project called Fine Vine by Marisa Hernandez and a skein Supertwist Sockwool from Nurturing Fibres in the colorway Fire Rose. One day it started with the bubbly wine in the afternoon and we ended up playing Ribble Dibble at the Montecello restaurant in Sedgefield. I guess the waiters were very happy when we left the place…

The time flies by. I have two more weeks to go in Cape Town. So, what else would you like to see? What should I do? Any suggestions are welcome :-)

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