FO – Afterglow shawl

kräuterzwergOn Ravelry I could buy this yarn from a member. The yarn is 100% merino wool from Zauberwiese. The color is very interesting. The wool is too good for socks, so it should be a shawl.

DSC04091 Thus, the color and the wool well come into play, I’ve opted for a simple shawl, without lace. Afterglow is a triangle scarf with scalloped edge. It is knitted from the edge to the center. According to notes from other projects I’ve cast on more stitches than suggested in the pattern. Nevertheless, it has become a small shawl: 130cm x 46cm. If I were to knit this scarf again, I would take also larger needles for a better drape of the shawl.


The pattern brings the delicate colors very good effect. I like it. My boyfriend said, however: these colors are not you! He meant that I’m not the delicate but rather the bright colors type :-) Maybe it will be a gift for the 7-year-old niece of my boyfriend …

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  1. Mel
    | Reply

    Love the color of the yarn and the scalloped edge, a beautiful piece!

    • donnarossa
      | Reply

      Thank you :-) it’s all about a nice yarn…

  2. Michelle
    | Reply

    I love the colours in this one compared to the newer one, maybe it’s the goth in me coming out! They’re both awesome, anyway.

    Now cast on your turquoise tank top, I already started mine! ;)

    • donnarossa
      | Reply

      It’s not gothic like something in rainbow colors. I know :-) I haven’t yet cast on for my tank top so far. I’m too busy with holidays and another project…

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