FO – Candy socks

As part of the Finished Object- friday I present you today a candy. Well, it’s not a candy in that you can bite. But this colorway is sweet as a candy, don’t you think?

Sometimes I need something easy to knit. A project that is not complicated with a simple but interesting stitch pattern. A project that you can take everywhere: meetups, while sitting in car, while waiting for the right conditions to fly, while enjoying the sun and so on. You understand what I mean.

Candy socks - yarn

For a simple pattern, a special skein works best. I saw that colorway and thought it would suit perfect for the pattern I had in my mind.

Candy socks - wip

Pattern: Leyburn socks by MintyFresh (free pattern)
Needles: 2.5mm
Yarn: Zauberwiese Sock yarn 4-ply, in “Freudensprenkel”

Candy socks - total

These socks are knitted toe-up with a short row heel. As usual I knitted them both at the same time. I suffer  from the second- sock- syndrome. With this technique I want to get rid of this syndrom.

Candy socks - detail

The textured, intriguing stitch pattern shows off the nature of the the yarn very well. I think, it works best for variegated yarn.

What is your favorite project for the go? Do you always have a specific garment in your bag, like socks or a shawl?

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