FO – ‘Gamekeeper at the pond’ socks

gamekeeper - yarnAt the Zauberwiese-meeting I had a serious conversation with the husband of the indie dyer. We talked about colours. As far as she likes colourful stuff her husband is the opposite. He prefers olive-green, beige, mud brown shades – like colours of the army. Everything inconspicuous, tolerant of stains…

The last socks I made for my boyfriend were in green and brown. And he wears it rarely. So influenced by the conversation I’ve bought this yarn at the meeting. In the hope, he will wear it more often than the last ones.

gamekeeper - primaballerinaPattern (for free): Wildhüter (Gamekeeper) from Regina Satta
Yarn: 75% BFL/ 25% Nylon from Zauberwiese, colorway ‘Am Weiher’ (At the pond)
Needles: 2.25mm

I prefer for sock knitting to knit them toe-up, but the pattern calls for top cuff down. As it is a simple pattern you can easily switch the direction. With a magic cast on for 12 sts I’ve started these socks at the toes and worked my way up. With a light fingering weight yarn and 2.25mm needles, it takes a while. I’ve used the short row heel. Hope he wears this socks more often… Let’s see.

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  1. Spinster Beth
    | Reply

    They’re lovely. I hope he wears them too!

    • donnarossa
      | Reply

      Thank you. Life is too short to wear only black socks :-)

  2. Liza
    | Reply

    The votes are in, our house likes top down. so I use the food scale to guestimate the leg and if I run short, I use some left over for colorful toes. The socks above are very very nice, love the yarn and the pattern is perfect.

    • donnarossa
      | Reply

      Thank you, Liza. Yes, everyone has his own preferences :-) I like toe up because I don’t have to worry to run out of yarn. But of course you can see it also as a design element to use another yarn if you run short. That’s the nice thing with knitting. It’s all up to you and sooooo many choices..

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