FO – Sallah cowl

Today’s finished object is a mindless project and perfect to showcase a special yarn or colorway.

In Zurich we don’t have that many yarn stores who care hand dyed skeins. But one of them is Vilfil. It might look a bit chaotic when you enter the store, but they have very friendly and helpful staff.

manos del urugay - skein alegria

I felt immediately in love with this skein. Neon colours and the softness convinced me to adopt this skein.

But the skein had rest for a while until it told what it’s going to be.

manos del urugay - skein alegria winded

Once wounded with a ball winder the colours look so different.

sallah cowl - detail

Pattern: Sallah cowl by Bristol Ivy
Needle size: 4.00mm and 6.00mm
Yarn: Manos del Uruguay “Alegria”, colour “Locura Fluo”
Yardage: 98 g/ 406 m

sallah cowl - sewing edge

I found this very interesting pattern for a cowl. The cowl is “bias” knitted. It is knitted sideways, in diagonal rows. You start in one corner, every other row you increase on both sides until you get the desired width of the cowl. Then you knit straight, means on one side you increase and the other you decrease – until the  desired length. Then you start to decrease on both sides. In the end, you graft the two short sides together. Before you graft, it looks like a parallelogram (like a overturned shoebox). Here you find more informations about the construction and tips about the sizing written by the designer.

sallah cowl - backside front sideJPG

I like the very simple stitch pattern: *knit through back loop, purl* repeat the section between **. That makes it  a mindless project. What the textures makes it interesting is, that you knit it with two different needle sizes: 4 and 6mm. That’s why on the right side (on the left in the picture) the twisted stitches are a bit bigger as the others. On the wrong side (on the right side of the picture) it looks more even.

sallah cowl - paired with mitts

The cowl matches with my newest mitts. After the grey wintery season, I need colours. And this matches my desire for colors.

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