Intense fun – my last week in Cape Town

I took my last chance this season to go to the Old Biscuit Mill Market. With two friends I’ve eaten my way through the market. The advantage is that you can order different things and try another. Delicious! In addition to the tasting also played live bands (note the children’s keyboard) and dresses or accessories were also seen.

RedBull Party

The next day was the hot-awaited event King of the Air. Since most participants in the same Guest House stay as I am, I already knew quite a few. It has been even more fun to watch them. After the awards ceremony, there was a party for the pro riders. Despicable me, I just sneaked in and celebrated with them and my friends. I had time to get to know the parents of the winner Kevin and his sister Jalou Langeree. Clinton Bolton was also at the party, who took the photo above (from the bottom clockwise): Clinton, Kevin (is all smiles), my friend Kimmie, CJ, Jalou and Kevin’s mom Ellen, me, Kim and Kevin’s dad Martijn.

sharing the bed with Roxanne

My boyfriend has bought a wave board a few years ago. This board means a lot to him. You could already tell it is his second girlfriend. Let’s call her Tamara. Every time we have travelled to Cape Town, Tamara was allowed to join. But this year she suffered a few scratches that have been carefully sewn and covered with plaster. An addition to the family by Roxanne (new wave board), the fidelity to Tamara dismissed nothing. The sessions with Tamara were on the water simply beautiful. Nevertheless, I sometimes had to share the bed with Roxanne. On the last day of my boyfriend’s vacation Tamara suffered serious fractures, the water brought into the interior and it has made her heavier. So he was forced to devote more Roxanne and to give her time and love. I, however, was allowed to take care of the hospital stay and rehabilitation of Tamara. It took a week until she was healed. As of now, I can take care of her. Once she joined me on the water. Wow! What a change. She is so supple, soft and smooth- a dream for my knees! So she doesn’t have to go back in the cold as I have, I’ve left her in the blind climate. Now she waits as upholstered and cleaned until the next season for me.

Velddrif - riding the channels

The page calling for the wind forecast (, is probably the most action of a wind-driven person. Quite according to the forecast, we are therefore to fifth and went to Langebaan since it apparently had more wind for the day there. A brief stop at the gas station in Langebaan on the R27 has shown that it already has a lot of wind and probably even more people staying in the Shark Bay itself. Without further ado, we decided to kite in Velddrif, 30km further north. In Velddrif you kitesurfing on a river called Bergriver. On entering the river has its full width. Further inland the river is ramified. The river has several arms, which are separated by tall grasses. The wind blows side to the river (offshore conditions). This enables kiting in the channels. In a group, this makes a lot more fun. So sometimes we crossed each other in one of the channels. Around Table View it is rather wavy, in Langebaan depending on the tide flat but choppy and in Velddrif it is even flatter and has channels. Kitesurf in channels is a challenge because it has not infinite space as on the sea. You have to ride sometimes upwind or downwind. The spot is a change of pace and it is so much fun, even if it is very gusty!

Wendy Kitchen

For years my boyfriend and I stay in Cape Town in the same guesthouse, in our beloved cabin. The hut comprises approximately 5m2. It has just a bed in it place. The toilet and shower is located in the outdoor area and shared with the other guests. The house has a large kitchen and the living room and outside a braai-station with benches and tables. What more do you need!

The last week was very intense. I took every opportunity to get on the water, to party, to spend quality time with friends and just have fun. With a laughing and crying eye I packed my things and fly now back to Switzerland. Cape Town, I feel at home here. Thank you!

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