Ljubljana – a gem of the European cities

Last weekend I visited Ljubljana. My bosses invited the team on a city break and we discovered together the city and its treasures. What has the city to offer?

To be honest, when I heard that we travel to Ljubljana, I was surprised. I did not know the city until then. The capital of Slovenia has so far not on my to do list on city breaks.

On Friday we sat on the train to Ljubljana. After about 12 hours of driving we arrived – more or less rested – in Ljubljana. After a shower and a hearty breakfast, we went on a discovery tour. My Slovenian colleague put together a three-day tour, which started in the historical part and ended with new buildings. On an architectural tour your bodily needs are not too short. So we enjoyed it again and again, to make a break and have a coffee or a beer along the river, that winds through the city.

Ljubljana - the dragon

This dragon protects the city and is represented in the coat of arms of Ljubljana. According to legend, Jason the leader of the Argonauts fought against this dragon. Then the Argonauts built the city of Ljubljana.

Walking through a market, you discover many crafts…

A city break is not perfect, if it is not time to visit a yarn shop! During my research I came across the shop Niti Niti. By chance the shop was on our walk through the city :-) I could not go over the inviting red thread and caught a glimpse of in the store. They sell local wool and also Ito and Lotus Yarns, where I could not keep away from it in the latter.

Ljubljana - panorama from Neboticnik

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