November roundup

It’s already end of November. Gosh, time flies… It has been a quiet place here this month. Actually November is usually an exciting month for me: it’s my birthday month and it gets closer to the end of the year which usually means it takes not much time and I’ll be in Cape Town. What I’ve done this month:

  • I’ve made myself the best birthday present: I was kitesurfing this day. Yes, it was damn cold but so worth! I’ve been at Lake Constance, very close to the border to Austria. It’s called Altenrhein. The weather was changeful and I’ve seen on the wather three rainbows at the same time. How surreal is that?! Unfortunately no camera with me. But the picture is still in my mind (I’ll never forget that). One week later, there was again wind (well, it was more a storm) and a friend of us joined us in the freaking cold weather. What a nice life if there would always be on Sundays wind. HAHA!
  • For this time in Cape Town my plan is to get in shape to prevent any accidents (as I had one two years ago though I was trained). So, two months ago I’ve signed up to the gym for three months and since then you see me twice a week lifting weights and sweat on the bicycle. Another thing to combine with my training is to eat healthier. As I know you should eat less carbs and more proteins for more muscles, it’s difficult to change in my current eating habits. I’m not a big meat-eater nor do I drink milk or eat eggs regularly. In summer I took a cooking class about vegan eating. A friend of mine recommended the book “Vegan for Fit” and stepped into the world. The book is about the 30-days-challenge to eat vegan. If under any circumstances you can’t avoid eating not vegan on a day, you elongate the challenge for one more day. As I traveled in August/September and October I’ve set the challenge for November. And I made it. The challenge says no pasta, no rice and no potatoes. In the beginning I was a bit shaky but the feeling left as soon as my body get used to less carbs. On the pictures above you see some of those delicious dishes I’ve prepared. The only disadvantage of the challenge is, that you always have to cook. That’s time-consuming (and less time for blogging). And eat vegan in a restaurant is a terrible big challenge. All you get is a leaf salad with an italian salad dressing. Still hungry? Hm, they have lemon sorbet… You see? IT IS a challenge. Therefore I prefered to stay at home and prepare food.

sneak preview of my first pattern

  • The other thing I’m working on is my first knitting pattern. How exciting is that?! My goal is to write it down before I’ll leave to Cape Town, so my testknitters can knit it until I’m back in Switzerland. I’ve never did that before. Therefore it takes a lot of time. It’s planned to release it by the beginning of february.

sneak preview of the sweetness and light mkal

  • Besides all that I’ve attended another MKAL called Sweetness and Light Shawl (I’ll post about it later this week) and I’ve started other projects like a DK-weight sweater and some socks. And I should start to prepare something for my travel.
  • I’ve went with friends to dip candles. It’s made with bee wax. Oh, I love the smell of bee wax. Of course it had to be something special, not just the simple ones. Something quirky. (It should be a christmas tree)
  • I’ve visited the christmas market at the Walcheplatz where’s the singing christmas tree is located and drunk some mulled wine, when the first snowflakes came down in Zurich. I’ve never seen this ‘tree’ before. It’s a stage like a christmas tree where a chorus sings christmas songs, wearing red gloves, hats and scarfs.

Many things happened this month. How have you spent your November? Already buying/preparing X-mas presents? Do you like November?

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