Relaxed and creative – half time in Cape Town

It was the first time I brought my boyfriend to a market here in South Africa. Usually they’re held in the mornings but the Bay Harbour Market in Hout Bay is open all Saturdays and Sundays. There might be a chance to visit. So we did it for lunch/breakfast and enjoyed it. Fresh food surrounded by a creative vibe with some live music. How great is that?

The other day was surprisingly windy (we’re not so blessed with wind this season). In the afternoon the wind picked up and the waves were big. I tried to get out for a kitesurf session but was intimidated by the waves and the power of the wind that I got washed a couple of times. It was crazy. Watching some other dudes riding the waves and making huge jumps was impressive. One guy was even more impressive when I recognized that he did kitesurf without a wetsuit (note: the water is around 15 degree celsius. The average kitesurfer wears here a 3-5 mm thick wetsuit)! He went out just with a shirt and some board shorts. That can be only Brits who are used to ride in the cold water :-) His comment was: I wanted to save weight in the luggage.

After an exhausting day I felt my knee the other day. But as you maybe know me I can’t stand still and need to do something. So I’ve browsed around the yarn shops close by. I’ve been to Gina’s Studio in Muizenberg and the Wool Boutique in Fish Hook. Both sell yarn from Nurturing Fibres. That’s a local indie dyer from South Africa. I couldn’t resist and bought some of it.

The other day it was rainy. Perfect for being a bit creative. I have so many ideas for knitting projects now that I need to take the time to write them down. In the afternoon went for a little shopping trip to the Waterfront. That’s a touristic place with several shops, restaurants and entertainment at the sea. One place we never just pass by is Mitchell’s pub. They brew their own beer. This evening was a really drunken girl with a non less drunken guy who made friends with everybody (check the white dressed people behind us). In the evening a guy who stays also at the same guesthouse invited everybody to join for his dinner. He’s only 25 years old and likes to cook for everybody. (Well, with 25 I had other interests than cooking, don’t you?) So we did and he served a risotto with chicken, mushrooms and peas. It was really good. Well done, Thijs!

Usually in Cape Town blows a south-easterly wind, but this day it came from the opposite direction. There was wind from north-west. So we had the brilliant idea to drive towards Witsands/Misty Cliff which is located south from Nordhoek (towards Cape of Good Hope). We haven’t been lonely with this idea. As we arrived around one o’clock it was jam-packed with cars that we couldn’t find any parking space. So we drove further down towards Scarborough and watched the guys on the water. I’ve never seen this spot so packed with wind- and kitesurfers as on this day. The waves were nice and clean but the side-offshore wind made it dangerous. The spot is called Misty cliffs as there are rocks at the beach which depending on the tide are nearly invisible. Northerly from this rocks is a sandy beautiful beach with enough space for everybody. But some guys were riding the waves without thinking how close they came to the cliffs and some of them hit it. At this day some boards were eaten by the rocks. On the picture above you can see Kevin Langaree riding waves. He’s a pro-kitesurfer. Kitesurfing is one of the few sports I like to watch. And it makes even more fun to see how the pro’s ride.

After the wind died we decided to hop over to the other side from the Cape to visit the penguins. In Simon’s Town there is a colony of African penguins. They’re used to have people around so you can go to them really close. We decided to have dinner in Kalk Bay. That’s a small town between Fish Hoek and Muizenberg. It has somehow an alternative, relaxed style. As we arrived in the evening we watched the fishermen. There were so many . But the biggest fish I’ve seen there was only a 10cm long. There are a couple of seals around this place. The seals probably steal all the bait from the fishhooks. And some fishermen give them the leftovers of the bait for the joy of the guests in the restaurant. Because next to this place is a posh restaurant and those guests wrinkle one’s nose about it.

The last friday was filled with kitesurfing and braaing. Because: Friday is Braai-day! I like to be tired from kitesurfing. We all had good sessions on the water. To end the day with a braai, sit together and discuss our sessions and impressions of the day it’s just lovely. That’s how life should be, right?

This was a very relaxed week and my brain is filled with creativity. Sometimes it’s necessary to calm down and filling your tanks again.

I know I’m late with my weekly summary from Cape Town but yesterday I was really busy. I’ll tell you more about it next week.

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  1. Richi
    | Reply

    Nice place. Pretty pictures. Wish you have a good time their “Festagsflüchtlinge”.

    • donnarossa
      | Reply

      The next time you should join us :-)

  2. Murielle
    | Reply

    You seem to be enjoying yourself! Nice photos!
    Looking forward to see you soon,

  3. Arrigo
    | Reply

    …missing the 80’s nights so much…
    see you next year at the Suef House!!


    • donnarossa
      | Reply

      This night was awesome! unforgettable. I still listen sometimes to 80’s music to remember our good time at the Surfhouse :-)

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