Road trip – fifth stop: Switzerland

After a windless time in Holland I get sporty again: kite surfing and knit is on the one-week intensive program. In my home country Switzerland, it has not only wind, but there are also wool to admire. The first yarn festival is around the corner and I’m with.

roadtrip route map karte schweiz switzerland

After a week in the Netherlands with no wind, we are more than hot to get to the water. While we spend the weekend in Holland, we get storm warnings from Switzerland. After the museum visit and a beer we make the decision: we go to Switzerland.

roadtrip bodensee lake constance kitesurf rohrspitz fussach höchst

When we arrive at our home spot Rohrspitz, we are surprised. The otherwise empty meadow is full of kites. Pretty full for a Monday afternoon, isn’t it? And now just imagine this three days in a row. Wind and sun. Unbelievable. We travel that far – and now there’s wind back home.

We park our campervan at the in-law’s place – or so called “Hotel Mama”. Having a long hot shower, eating croissants and drinking fresh pressed orange juice are just some of the nice treatments we get there.

Life is good.

stitching retreat 2016 cards werbung

At the end of the week – and luckily no wind – I am preparing for the first yarn festival in Switzerland. Besides to the documentation for the workshop I print even cards for the Stitching Retreat 2016. It will be from the 22th til the 24th of April 2016. So save the date!

On Friday evening, the pre-party for the Swiss Wulle Festival take place: Knit’n’Cruise. The organizers have chartered a boat and we sail against sunset on lake Zug. Though it is only half packed, we spend a nice evening together. I not only meet Nancy from last week’s knit night in Amsterdam. I meet all other famous knitters like Romi Hill, Wooly Wormhead, Rachel Coopey and more.

The next day I have to get up early. Because my Ravelry course is canceled due to not enough applications, I treat myself to another course. I book a spinning course with Chantimanou.

Chantimanou is a german spinner with her own YouTube channel. And she’s live just like in the videos: super likeable. Although we are only two students, we enjoy the private lesson.

After the course, there is time to go to the festival. There I meet so many people. Many of them are from our group of Stitch’n’Bitch Zurich. Time to catch up the past month, right? Then there are vendors I know by person or from Ravelry. So many people and so little time. The afternoon flies by. And my throat hurts from chatting.

Exhausted, I go back to Zurich, where I spend a nice evening with my friends at my favorite thai restaurant Five Spice.

Still sleepy the next day, I hop on the train towards Zug. The excitement grows. It is my very first workshop. A friend advised me the following:

“Take your favorite cocktail and imagine, it would be a tuesday night and you sit at Knit’n’Sip.”

I’ve omitted on the drink. After all, it’s Sunday noon :-)

The classes from many (well known) teachers are not well booked. Some of them have only two, four or six students. I go to the information booth. When I get my class list, I’m surprised at the number of students: 14! WOOHOO. So I didn’t expect and I’m really happy.

The workshop is about understanding English Knitting Patterns, held in german. Many knitting patterns are written in english. But what to do if you do not speak english? What are all these abbrevations for? Over two hours I bring the english patterns closer.

swiss yarn festival 2015 workshop students

After the workshop, I force my students for a obligatory group photo in front of our special classroom: an ancient tower. I’m stoked by my students and their great feedback. Thank you so much!

swiss yarn festival 2015 haul yarn fiber treliz ferner wolle fasern spinnen stricken

I go back to the festival and use my time for a little shopping. So many nice things and so little time …
My haul is small, but colorful: yarn and fiber from TréLiz, one skein dyed by Ferner Wolle from Strickengel and organic soaps by Creamy Stuff.

There isn’t enough time for buying everything I want to. I rather prefer to connect with people and hear their stories.

One booth catch my eyes. As you might know, I’m drawn by colors. This booth is a blast of colors. Chatting with the owner Lis – who is from Greece -, we soon find out that she’s a kite chick too. Small world, isn’t it?

Still thrilled by my class, the yarn festival and this joyful week back home, it’s time to plan where to go next. We look for a windy and sunny place. So our next stop will be in Sardinia.

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