How to ruin your newest (knitted) garment

Tenta cowl MKAL - clue 2

Intrigued by a new mystery KAL I’ve ordered this gorgeous yarn Madelinetosh Tosh DK in the colour “Chamomile”. DK-weight is not new for me, but I knit very rare in this weight. The Tenta cowl MKAL was just right. A project that is quick to knit and so it does not take much time to complete.

I was looking for a suitable wool. My favorite wool dealer of overseas is EatSleepKnit. So I came across Madelinetosh DK. Now it was about the color choice. Which color isn’t used yet for my shawls / cowls? Yellow! I’ve decided on a warm yellow tone called “chamomile”. But a yellow cowl does not fit with my other colored hats. Well, I even knit a matching hat in the same color and wool. So I ordered two skeins.

I started the MKAL after Christmas, according to the Clues. With joy I saw grow the piece. The texture of the stitches and the color came into its own. I finished the piece in January and let it rest until it in Switzerland was able to take a bath. It was still enough wool left that was enough for a hat and wrist warmers. “Perfect,” I thought.

After my long stay in Cape Town I had some pieces that had to be washed by hand. After several baths I was impatient and got my new yellow cowl in the bath with my gray hooded sweatshirt. I put it only on the top so that it can absorb water and it smells afterwards delightfully fresh. I spent the day trying to do things left behind and I dedicated myself to other things. And I’ve forgotten the bathroom. A few hours later – luckily, I had to use the toilet – I saw it again and my heart misgave me: the water has turned grey. Ok, calm down! Maybe it’s just the water and has not been transferred to the wool. Wash it for 15 minutes did not help. The beautiful yellow cowl has now discolored in a stained piece. Gone is the bright yellow.

Tenta cowl with original yarn

Well, lesson learned:

  1. Take your time!
  2. Wash things with similar color – not mix different colors together.

Consequence: I’ll knit the cowl again, because the color is so beautiful. And then the hat. There’s just not enough wool anymore for wrist warmers.

After the finished object (FO) is before the next work-in-progress (WIP).

Do you have any advice what I can do with this cowl?

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