4KCBWDay3: Infographic

With my Infographic I want to show you today my purchase and consumption of wool. I confronted the purchased amount of the wool to the finished projects with each other.


As you can see, at the beginning of my knit-addiction I bought wool just as much as I needed. Good girl! But this has changed in 2010. Since January 2010, I’m a member of Ravelry. Ravelry is both a blessing and a curse at the same time. It gives information on wool and projects and you can share your experiences, but it’s also great to look for projects that you want to knit in the future. And sometimes, the future projects evolve, because you have discovered a better one. So also my relationship has changed from monogamous to polygamous knitting. First I knitted one project after another, today I have several projects at a time.

My wool-shopping has influenced over the years through my travels. I buy wool as a souvenir. This is clearly evident in 2011 when I was about May to July in Canada and the United States. I tell you, this is the wool paradise! Later trips to come: Wollmeise-sale week in July 2012, Vogue Knitting Live in Chicago in October 2012, Munich Wollmeise’s visit in March 2013.

Accompanying to my post from Monday I visualized also the stages. I think you can see clearly the progress of the knit evolution, beginning with the Manatee, then the Monkey and now the Bee.

As already Cyprienne recognized: it lies dormant in each of us a Peacock! For some of us Bees, it sometimes takes longer until you find it.


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  1. Gracey
    | Reply

    I buy yarn because it makes me happy…I have way too much…but it doesn’t stop me…this Saturday is a Wool and Sheep show in my state..and I’m sure I’ll buy more while there….and yes..our taste do grow and change….I’ve gone from mostly acrylics to mostly independent dyers…

  2. Karen
    | Reply

    Excellent infographic! Ravelry does tend to be an enabler:)

  3. Cyprienne
    | Reply

    Travel and Ravelry: the great enablers! I love the inclusion of your “stages” into the graph — context is key. :)

  4. Vivianne
    | Reply

    You are totally right about Ravelry being a blessing and a curse :)

  5. pigtails
    | Reply

    Love this graph! Seems as if you head for a great shopping trip once a year tee hee.

    • donnarossa
      | Reply

      I’m already a guilty conscience because I can’t close my fingering weight box anymore. And this year I have to spend 12weeks of holidays…. oh, dangerous!

  6. deepbluerenegade
    | Reply

    If you are worried about your fingering stash, I like to figure out what my oldest skein is, and find a pattern for it.

    It is getting me to dig deeper, and I have been really happy with the results. The trouble with sock yarn is that it is so easy to buy with no plan in mind.

    Molly : )

    • donnarossa
      | Reply

      You could never have enough fingering weight yarn. Lace and fingering weights are my favorites.

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