4KCBWDay4: Colour review

A couple of days ago I wrote already a post about my favorite colors. My favourites are purple, blue and green. And here’s the proof: I made a review of my used colours from 2010 till 2012.

2010: At the beginning of my knitting I used lots of industrial produced solid colored yarn, mainly LANG yarns. It’s a swiss brand and therefore mainly in the yarn shops available. Don’t get me wrong it’s good quality, but with the time it’s somehow boring because you know the product range very fast.


2011: By traveling around the world in 2010/2011 I’ve seen lots of hand dyed yarns and there are gorgeous yarn stores, especially in the United States. There are gorgeous variegated yarns, though it costed me quite an effort to buy and use them. At first I was intimidated to use variegated yarn. But due to Ravelry I’ve seen lots of pretty projects with variegated yarns. That helped me to start with multi-colored projects. So I’ve started to buy yarn as a souvenir from every place I’ve visited.


2012: Last year the dominant colors were purple, blue and green. I’ve used red and pink shades mostly for presents. There were solid and variegated shades in my favorite colors. This year I tend to knit with brighter and multi-colored colors.

With the House Cup from monday in my mind I recognize something interesting: As I look to this review it looks like I was in the beginning more like a Manatee: relaxed and unflashy. Then I changed to a monkey: challenging with every project presenting with something new and interesting. At the moment I’m like a bee: busy and industrious, flitting from one interesting project to the next as bright and shiny things capture its interest. How knows maybe some day I’ll be like a peacock: take something good and make it brilliant?

8 Responses

  1. pigtails
    | Reply

    Great strong colours!

    • donnarossa
      | Reply

      I definitly don’t like pastel tones :-)

  2. Karen
    | Reply

    Beautiful color representation! I love seeing the colors and textures of your projects:)

    • donnarossa
      | Reply

      You can see clearly a progress of textures, right?

  3. Cyprienne
    | Reply

    All the jewel tones, I just wanna grab ’em! It’s the Monkey in me. :)

  4. Voie de Vie
    | Reply

    In addition to great color, I also see some buttons and beads. You have a little peacock in you too. :)

    • donnarossa
      | Reply

      Thanks, I’ve never thought about that :-)

  5. Alice
    | Reply

    I love the idea of buying yarn as a souvenir. I might give that a try. Who can ague with that?

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