a weekend in Munich

After he has put up with me last year and this weekend was his birthday, I have invited my boyfriend last weekend to Munich. We already know Munich Airport by traveling to Cape Town, but not the city itself. Reason enough to go exploring. After we arrived on Thursday afternoon, we satisfied our thirst with a beer at Augustiner-Bräu. Later that day we went to another brewery called Franziskaner. The next day I “surprised” my boyfriend with a trip to Pfaffenhofen. Fortunately, he is easy to handle and sat down on the couch with the other knitters, infront of him/them a big bowl filled with chocolate. I was able to keep calm in great colors to look out and grab one or the other.

On the third day of sightseeing on the program, we rented bicycles and went to visit the Museum Brandhorst. It has a very interesting facade, made with ceramic elements in different colors.

Despite bitter cold, we went through the English garden, where we discovered the surfers. Far from the coast here, the people on the Eisbach surfing a standing wave. A big contrast to the high society of Munich.

After two hours on the bike I had to give up because of the cold and warm me up with a hot cup of tea in the nearest coffee shop. So it was time to visit a museum. As the day before my boyfriend came along for my sake in the wool shop, I went with him to the BMW Museum and the BMW World. The motor car enthusiasts and fans got one’s money’s worth. I was just happy by have a seat at a cozy warm place and knit.

After all we had a great stay and enjoyed it despite the cold. But now, I’m really looking forward for warmer weather!

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