what’s your favorite color?

Yes, I admit it. I’m yarn addicted. These are my treasures which I recently bought. Well guess what are my favorite colors :-) Somehow funny because purple, blue and green are my colors since my childhood. Some things never change, right? What about you? Is there also gives a color that you like since your childhood? After this long and cold winter, I need brighter colors. Here again there was a renewed onset of winter. I can’t see anymore this drab dark colors. Where is the spring?

Colors could cheer you up. Colors are also an issue in psychology. For fun I once googled for a test and I found it here. The issue is: What color fits you? Regardless of hair color or complexion. Which I support entirely. You can not imagine what I’ve already got everything for advice on what to match my red hair. Terrible. I think that you can wear any color as long as you feel comfortable with it. Here you can see my test results:

Blue and Green for quieter times

Blue and green
They are a restless spirit who allows himself hardly a break in life. Because one is just watching the already quite dizzy! It would be important that you always wanted to take a break to catch our breath, to the rapid pace to create a counterweight.

Our advice:
Turn down a gear and come to rest. Do not worry, it does not have to mean a halt! The colors of nature with sky blue and leaf green are here with their calming effect the perfect choice to help restore the balance in your life. Blue scores even with healing powers, because it relieves headaches and gently takes the anxiety with sleep problems.

Green stands for serenity, and life satisfaction. Blue stands for trust, calm and even a bit bored.

Well, I know it’s written in general but it comes very close to my personality. I take it as I need more blues and greens ;-) wool, clothes, the sea…

What’s your favorite color? Do you believe in color psychology?

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