back again

cape town

I’m back again in Cape Town! It’s so nice to be here. I enjoy the summer time and the relaxed atmosphere over here. After my knee-injury that happened the last time when I was here, I enjoy it even more.

It’s already a week ago since I’ve landed in South Africa. The weather and sea conditions are perfect for nice kitesessions. I’ve spend the first days with knitting and yoga just to keep me busy. But after a few days I wasn’t able to deter myself of kiting again. So I’ve tried it in Langebaan in the lagoon called Shark Bay with flat water conditions. My target for the end of the year was just to be on the board for ten minutes. With that in my mind and still not sure what I was able to do, I’ve started with the board on the feet steering my kite towards the power zone to get out of the water. And… OH MY GOSH! .. It has been way easier than I’ve expected. I managed to kite for over thirty minutes. I’m so proud of myself. Target reached! Mission completed :-) I’m back again on the board. My worries are gone.

What kind of goals have you reached this year?

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