Last thursday we left towards Wilderness for paragliding. Wilderness is on the Garden Route and a huge playground for paragliders.

On the highway there was a big bush fire therefore we had to make a detour next to Stilbay, all on a gravel road. With dusty cars we finally arrived in Sedgefield where we could stay at the house of Birdmen. Birdmen is a paragliding school/guide/host runs by Barry and Candice. They bring the pilots to the right paragliding spots and they offer paragliding tours. We’ve stayed there for a couple of days and enjoyed the paragliding at Sedgeview and Paradise Ridge.

Sedgeview is known as “slow town” and among other things they support local products. So we’ve visited the farm market that takes places on Saturdays for a nice breakfast under the trees.

After three days of flying we drove back to Cape Town as the wind picked up again and was strong enough for kite surfing.

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