A belated happy 2015!


Hi everybody, it’s been a long time since my last post. I’m right now spend my holidays in Cape Town, South Africa.

It looks like it’s quite, but the opposite is going on. I’m busy to write a business plan, to write a new knitting pattern and to organise another Stitching Retreat.

The last year was for me a break. The beginning in 2014 I spent two months in Cape Town. Enough time to start thinking. Thoughts about life, be it professionally and privately. I think it’s important that you are happy with your job, because you spend a lot more time working than with your partner and family. Love what you do and do what you love.

For quite some time I felt a dissatisfaction. I was not yet clear where this comes from. But now I know where it comes from and I want to change it. In the second half I asked around and sniffed at different things. But in the end I came back to my original idea, which I have since three years. To convert it into reality, I now started with writing a business plan.

In addition to career transition, I would like to work more creatively. One of the creative branch is the designing of knitting patterns. New ideas usually come quite unexpectedly, but unfortunately often I do not have time for it. In 2015 I want to invest more time for designing.

As you may already know, I organize Stitching Retreats in Switzerland (2013, 2014). The third retreat is just around the corner. So far I have organized everything on this page donnarossa.ch. For the third retreat, I wanted a more professional appearance. Before my departure to Cape Town I set up a bilingual website for Stitching Retreat. On stitchingretreat.ch you can find all information about Stitching Retreat which is held on May 8 to 10, 2015. This time, I offer courses in which the participants can improve their skills. A marketplace queches the thirst for yarn and accessories. Have a look at the website. I’ve done everything by myself. I look forward to your feedback.

So far, I really enjoy the time in the warmth, with good vibes. I have still some time left to spend and I’m soon back to you. In the meantime I post sometimes pictures on Instagram if you’re curious about what I’m doing :-)

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