Cape Town 14/15

I am now over a month back from my vacation. Everyday life came faster than expected and ran like an avalanche. Slowly I snap back to air and come back to my usual way. My great vacation memories I do not want to hide from you anyway.

As usual, I went over Christmas and New Year to Cape Town for a few weeks. In the luggage was my kitesurfing and paragliding equipment as well as knitting.


Last year I was on a knit meetup at the book lounge in Cape Town. There I met Liezl. She’s a very creative head and beside the crochet, she draws beautiful sketches and makes collages. She and her husband invited us to her house. And Liezl and I recognized that the tools for each handcraft don’t differ that much. We had also a braai (south african barbeque). It was quite much meat for three meat eaters…

CT_knit meetup laundry

At the end of my holidays I was on this lovely meetup at “I love my laundry”-shop at the Bree Street. This shop covers almost everything: art, vine, jewellery, coffee and indeed laundry. We occupied the big table for an afternoon and had nice chats. Some of the ladies I meet every year like the indie dyer Carle (Nurturing Fibres), some of them I know through Instagram before I met them in real – like Gina (Natural Yarns) and some of them are also just visitors as me. But it’s always fascinating how knitting connects people from allover the world. I love it!


CT_kitesurfer at kitebeach

Well, picture-wise it looks like I wasn’t that much on the water. But the opposite is true. I catched a few very good days with strong wind and nice waves. And I practised my skills on the waveboard.

CT_Big Bay

It’s hard to get pictures from yourself on the water. And my boyfriend didn’t thought about taking pictures… So I took some of him.



In the first week we escaped the absolutely-no-wind-and-therefore-heat and went to Wilderness. This area is famous for its awesome paragliding sites. I could practise my ground handling and toplanding skills. (So I never had to land at the beach like others..) And when it was to windy for me to fly, I watched my boyfriend playing with his small glider.


After soaring conditions in Wilderness, I was keen to fly crosscountry. We took the chance on a rainy and cold day in Cape Town and went to Porterville, which is 250km north of CT. There it wasn’t rainy at all. When we took off, it was still a bit cloudy but as longer the day was, as sunnier it got. I managed to fly towards the pass and had a great view.

CT_paragliding sir lowrys train

Flying all different conditions, my last wish was to fly Sir Lowrys Pass. I like this spot because it has a spectacular view, on one hand you have the sea and on the other you have the mountains. Few days before I had to leave, my wish came true and we flew it. On this evening, there were everywhere lifts and it was easy to stay up in the sky – but hard to get down. You can fly also along the highway (where truck drivers love to greet you by honking). And on this day, it happened that there was a train on the rails while we were in the air (that happens so rarely, I had to take a shot).


Another point of my bucket list, was to hike up Table Mountain. Three years ago I had a seriuos knee accident. I was on crutches for five (!) months. It happened in one of my holidays in Cape Town. And of course in the first week. It took me very long to get back to everything.

Of course we picked a non-windy day for it. As we aren’t early birds, we started around 10am. Way too late, when the temperature climbs up to 36° Celsius in the city, right? Besides this fact, I picked a new route called “Pipe Track” which was on the sunny side of the mountain – means: hard to find any shade. After five hours from the parking to the cable station at the top, we were well done. I must admit, I had some tears when arriving at the top. In the end, I was really happy to manage to hike up the Table Mountain. It showed me, that you can do everything when you really want it.

CT_making friends

And I made new friends… :-)

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