Cape Town – what I did the last three months

Time flies, right? Writing this phrase is a bit worn out; but oh so true. I spent the last three months in Cape Town (South Africa). Within this time I did a lot, but also not. Confusing? Let me tell you more.

south africa luggage travel

After spending the last three months in our campervan it was time to clean it and repack for the southern hemisphere. Packed with kitesurfing and paragliding equipment, we had only space for a few clothes. For summer time you don’t need that much anyway. Our lives are packed in five bags. That’s all we need. Cool, huh?

south africa table mountain sea

Arriving in Mother City feels like coming home. Everything at its place. Since ten years I come here and I’m still overwhelmed by this view!

south africa lions head hike

After the first week of kiting with a twin tip and hiking up Lions Head, I felt my knee pretty much. It was swollen for a week. So I had to make some changes to feel better after kiting. When I ride with a twin tip, I’m tempted to jump. And the impact of the landings isn’t good for my knee. I tried a so-called “directional” (kiteboard for waves that looks like a surfboard). As I already have one – well, it’s the old one of my boyfriend – I gave it a try. But I was not happy with it. It was too big and too heavy for me.

Lately in the kite world, strapless riding is so hip. What’s that? And why should I do it just because it’s hip? It’s a directional without any foot straps. It comes very close to a surfboard. And what’s the deal with it? Should I really do it just because those famous riders Airton and Matchu do it?

south africa christmas presents to me strapless kiteboard directional

I was so thrilled (and still I am) that I made myself a little Christmas present. When I tried for the first time in a flat water lagoon, it felt all so natural that I got into it. Since then I only ride strapless. And I never had problems with my knee anymore. It is definitely a challenge to ride strapless. In the beginning, I fell and had to go back to the shore to grab my board a lot. But now it’s better and I feel comfortable with it. Meanwhile, my twin tip got spider webs :-)

Looking forward to practising some yoga, I started in Cape Town again. After my accident, where I hurt my shoulder and wrist, I take this not for granted. I managed it somehow. Starting with some Vinyasa, I went from then on to the heated power yoga sessions at my favorite yoga place Yoga For Life. So I did yoga 2-3 times a week. It felt so good to be back again.

south africa raw roxy breakfast bowl cape town

With the detoxing yoga, I went many times to the raw food place Raw & Roxy. Their food is outstanding. I was able to bring the guys there and they loved it.

And that’s already mainly what I did in the past months: kiting, yoga and healthy food. Windwise it was one of the best seasons. During December and January, the wind blew almost every day. Sometimes we were craving after a windless day because our bodies hurt.

While browsing through my captures, I realised, that I did a bit more than that.

What else I did…

… I brought people on a skate- downwinder. (when we weren’t busy pushing the VW bus)

… I met these wonderful ladies (Sally-Jane, Rachel, Sigi and Gina) for a day full of yarn and fiber. Besides this awesome day, I just made it to once knitting meetup. Buh, I know..

south africa jacuzzi relax after kite

… I chilled in the jacuzzi.

mumford sons concert group

… I went to the Mumford & Sons concert with these crazy bunch of ladies!

south africa plettenberg elephant sanctuary trunk touch

… and *got touched for the very first time!* (singing) Haha. This elephant at the Plettenberg Elephant Sanctuary got a bit too touchy ;-)

south africa plettenberg bay elephant sanctuary trunk hand walking

… I got my boyfriend a new girl ;-)

south africa cape town surf apnea course pool water

… I converted to Baptists! ;-) No, I did a surf apnea course. It was about what to do when you get washed by a wave and how to fill your lung with oxygen. Very interesting.

south africa paragliding wilderness

… and last but not least: I overcame the fear and started flying again. WOOHOO! I started and landed as nothing ever happened. (During my first flight my hands were shaking like a rattle, though.)

The time flies by. Sometimes you forget the things that you made. Therefore, it was good again to call the photos in memory. Actually, I’ve done a lot, right?

Now the three months are over. Now it says, “back to life, back to reality”. We go home, take back our apartment and look for a job.

I already miss the time in Cape Town.


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  1. Britney
    | Reply

    What. An. Adventure.
    Elephants? Kiting? Yoga?
    I’m speechless!

    • donnarossa
      | Reply

      :-D Definitely an adventure! Oh, I miss Cape Town so much….

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