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Finally, I can present you another project for the Finished Object Friday. Today’s object is about knitting for someone else. When he chooses a pattern you’re not into it….

While travelling with our campervan through the Netherlands we had to stop at Stephen West’s yarn shop. OMG! This is the best yarn store ever. Seeing all these gorgeous beauties of Madelinetosh, Hedgehog Fibres and Malabrigo is outstanding. Even my boyfriend was overwhelmed. Of course, he felt immediately in love with the green of Hedgehog Fibres. He asked for a shawl. And Stephen – a clever salesman – recommended him the Askews Me shawl. “Oh no”, was my first thought. The shawl is knitted in an all over brioche pattern. Nothing else. Please, not.

finished object askews me shawl detail

With the brioche, I have a sort of hate/ love relationship. It’s squishy, airy and light, but also time-consuming because you knit every row twice.

The deal was following: he buys me the yarn and I knit him the shawl. Quickly we found a second colour. The shawl suits well to his green Dembow hat.

After several starts, I started while we still were in Holland. By the time I got the brioche and it was a perfect travelling project. Not too complicated, but still interesting enough to not lose the attention.

finished object askews me shawl

Pattern: Askews me shawl by Stephen West
Needle size: 3.5 mm
Yarn: Hedgehog fibres sock in “Banana legs” and “Swamp”, fingering weight, each 400m/ 100g

The project accompanied me through the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sardinia, France and Ireland. I finished it in France. At this time of the year, it was cold, so it was in use immediately. Although I couldn’t block it, because of space and tools limitation in our campervan.

fo askews me shawl relative size

I have caught up blocking, as soon as we moved back to our apartment in Switzerland. What happened was that the shawl grew. Which is total fine. We both like big shawls. And now, I start to like the pattern. But still not sure, if I should knit another one for me. Should I?

Have you knit something for someone else? What was your experience? Did you like it? Did you make a deal about payment/ yarn or so?


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  1. Corinne
    | Reply

    Wow, this turned out so beautiful. I love the green and learning how to brioche is on my to knit list. I might start with a hat first, but your shawl is way cool.

    • donnarossa
      | Reply

      Thank you. Yes, I’m a bit jealous that the shawl is for him. Hope he wears it – otherwise I do it :-) My first brioche project was Stephen West’s Exploration Station MKAL, where you knit a small section in two colour brioche.

  2. Robynn Weldon
    | Reply

    I should teach you two-handed brioche – if you hold the dark (background) colour in your left hand, you can knit each row just once like a normal person. So much faster! (But you can’t switch from one- to two-handed brioche within one project. The tension changes considerably.)

    • donnarossa
      | Reply

      I’m willing to learn :-) Though the two hand coordination might be a bit difficult for me (tried it with fair isle). How is your fluffy thing coming along?

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