Color Craving MKAL- clue 1

The first clue is released a week ago. Curious I followed the threads in the Color Craving Forum on Ravelry and started knitting the first clue.

color craving - clue 1 detailIn the first clue you use only the colors A and B. With the help of a video from Stephen West you start at the center bottom with the cast on. Then you work in garter stitch alternate the colors after two rows your way up until row 82. In the middle of the piece (of clue 1) you make ladders with the help of some yarnovers like Stephen did in his Banaue Breeze.

color craving - clue 1 totalThe produced garment so far has a pointy triangle shape. It’s 36cm wide and 78cm long until now. How will be the shape of this whole thing? Is it the center of the finished thing? How do you wear it? Lots of questions. Maybe you have any ideas? It’s somehow strange if you don’t know how the finished thing looks like. Even people keep asking me what that should be and I have to answer: “I don’t know. The only thing I know, it will be a shawl”. (And guess how the people look at me after this answer)

To be honest, I’m not a big fan of garter stitch. And also not a fan of those ladders. But who knows maybe we’ll knit with color C something in between the ladders? I’m really looking forward to knit with color C. The last sentence in the pattern description after row 82 in clue 1 is: “Break colors A & B”. I guess we’ll start now with color C. I’m really looking forward to the second clue. I’ll keep you updated.


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  1. Tina
    | Reply

    Das sieht ja mal sehr interessant aus – ich bin total gespannt, wie es weitergeht – die zwei Farben gefallen mir schon total gut!!

    ♥liche Grüße in die Schweiz

  2. donnarossa
    | Reply

    Hoi Tina,

    Interessant beschreibt es ganz gut. Bin bis jetzt noch nicht ganz so überzeugt. Aber ich lasse mich gerne überraschen und es macht Spass, was zu stricken obwohl man das Endresultat nicht kennt.

    Lieber Gruss

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