Color Craving MKAL – clue 2

Last Friday Stephen West released the second clue of his MKAL Color Craving. As expected you use colour C. Only colour C.

color craving - clue 2 detail

Way out of my colour comfort zone I use pink. Even my boyfriend keeps asking “You AND pink?!?!?!” Well, yes. Let’s see how the result looks like. Otherwise, a shawl is always a great present, for the knitter as well as for the recipient. No matter about the size or fit of the finished thing. color craving - clue 2 total

It’s hard to take pictures if you don’t have enough long cables to get a decent shot. You may get an idea if you compare it with the photos of the first clue. The second triangle(or should I say feather?) starts at the bottom of the first clue and wander to one long side of the first triangle.  This clue was knitted up very fast as you use only one color and the rows get shorter to the end (shaping by short rows).

color craving mkal stephen west 2013To see how the piece grows and the shape of this shawl is somehow similar to Stephen’s MKAL picture. It’s full of feathers. What do you think? It will be definitely not a rectangular shawl.

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