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When I was sitting at the dune of Shelley Point, I started to think about my life and my goals. 2012 was a very hard year for me as I had a serious knee injury by kite surfing: I was for 4 months on crutches, had in the meantime a stiff leg, was for more than one month in rehab, had to learn walking again, lost many so-called friends (as usual in bad times), put the relationship to my boyfriend to the test and was depressive. I’ve endured all these things.

But at the end of the year I was able to reach all my goals: go back to flying and go back on the kiteboard even if it’s just for ten minutes unless all my doctors and physiotherapists wouldn’t allow me to do so.

It was such a release to do my beloved sport again.

My lesson for 2012 was that health and love aren’t buyable.

my goals for 2013

in general:

  • get back to the physical fitness as before the accident
  • enjoy more the life and do something good to you like a massage or any other nice treatment
  • care for friends and maybe gain new friendship


  • finish the striped cardigan
  • finish the christmas present (2012) for my boyfriend finally finished
  • knit a matching hat for boyfriend i like it bright
  • meet more knitting people/ attend more knit meetups I’ve met the Stitch’n’Bitches from Zurich where I organised a stitching retreat
  • stash busting or buy less yarn
  • reduce the amount of work-in-progress projects


  • feel save again as before the accident I did a safety training and did a travel with the paragliding school
  • go x-country in Switzerland


  • get back to jumping
  • learn a new jump

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