Exploration Station MKAL – clue 4

Last but not least the last clue was published ten days ago. The fourth and last clue was the ending of the exploration of colours and the Exploration Station MKAL.

Exploration Station MKAL clue 4 detail

When I started to read about the last clue I was … let’s say shocked. You may ask why? I wasn’t sure about ending the shawl with a chevron edging. It was kind of unexpected. Anyway, I started with a couple of rows to see if I like it or not. Otherwise I can still rip it and knit a different edging. But after a couple of chevron rows I started to like it. And after a gentle soap bath and blocking it showed its beauty.

Exploration Station MKAL clue 4 flat

What an exploration of colours! I like they way it looks: first you have the clean colored wedges, then the two colored brioche evolves, followed by a slip stich pattern, then some garter ridges ended ended by the “main” color. After the wedges there were always two colours to combine. Due to the stitch pattern and texture the colours look a bit different then the single wedges. Let’s have a look at the blue: at the single wedges it shows the “true” color. Using it for brioche and combined with pink, it looks brighter. When I combined the blue with the orange in the third clue, it looks more like green.

Exploration Station MKAL clue 4 total

I really like the outcome. Now I’m torn between the Color Craving and the Exploration Shawl. Which one should I like more? And which one do you prefer?


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