FO – Happy Hippo

With the pattern for today’s finished object I’ve flirted for a long time. I find the design very interesting. However, it was crocheted, which is not necessarily my favourite of the handcrafts.

When I was this year in Cape Town, I visited a knitting meeting in the city. There I met Liezl. She is a very creative person who loves to discover and create with her hands new things. She crochets great objects like stones or crocheted rugs. Inspired by her nature, I thought it was time again to take a crochet hook into the hands and crochet something.

Happy Hippo - single petals

A week later I got visited Carle of Nurturing Fibres in her studio.  She showed me her current projects, including her modular crochet throw. She told me, that she runs at the time a modular challenge in her forum on Ravelry. Heidi Bears patterns represent an essential part in the challenge. And I had long been flirtatious with a pattern from her. So many signs pointed out that I ventured to the pattern.

Happy Hippo - petals

Back in Switzerland, and after a few finished projects, I’ve downloaded the pattern and searched for some leftovers. At first, I thought I did not have enough yarn, but far from it. It takes only a few leftovers. So perfect to bust your stash.

The pattern consists of nothing but hexa-, septa-, octa- and heptagons, which are later joined together. To crochet the little flower petals had given me so much fun, that I had the 44 pieces ready in two weeks.

Happy Hippo - say hi

Pattern: Happypotamus by Heidi Bears
Crochet hook: 2mm
Yarn: leftovers of fingering-weight yarn (mainly Froehlich Blauband Special), in purple, navy blue, turquoise, orange, yellow and grey

Happy Hippo - butt

Beginning at the butt of the Hippo you start to attach the hexagons to the octagon. And so on, you attach the other pieces.

Happy Hippo - belly

The pattern is really clever. A well-written instruction over 35 pages guides you through every single step. I’m still impressed by the construction of this piece, how with small pieces of penta-, hexa-, hepta- and octagons you can crochet a 3D-piece like a hippo.

Happy Hippo - eyes

For the eyes, I tried for the first time safety eyes. I ordered a sample pack from 6060 on To show the eyes better I worked the centre of the eyes pentagons in white. After attaching the pieces together and stuffing the body, I placed the safety eyes.

Actually, this toy was intended for the newborn from a friend. But my boyfriend and I are so in love with this hippo that we won’t give it away. My boyfriend cuddles and talks to him. So his teddy “Konradli” is not anymore alone at our house. Konradli has a new friend: the Happy Hippo.

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  1. Beat
    | Reply

    I must admit I like the new family-member. Great work!

    • donnarossa
      | Reply

      Thank you! It was a lot of work but it was worth :-)

  2. Britney
    | Reply

    Wow, gorgeous! I was kind of surprised by what your little crochet pentagons were to become and I love it!

    p.s.: I nominated you for a Liebster Award!

    • donnarossa
      | Reply

      You should have seen BF’s face when he saw all the small pieces before attached together – and then the face after the birth of the Happy Hippo :-D

      Thank you for the nomination. Will check it, when I have more time.

  3. erin
    | Reply

    That came out amazing!

    • donnarossa
      | Reply

      Thank you, Erin :-)

  4. Tamsin
    | Reply

    Oh my heavens! That is fantastic! I MUST learn to crochet. :)

    • donnarossa
      | Reply

      There is a knitted version available, if you want to knit a hippo.

  5. Tina
    | Reply

    Oh mein Gott, ist das niedlich ♥♥♥♥ Zum Fressen süss – das würde ich auch sofort adoptieren wollen :-)

    liebes Grüßle

    • donnarossa
      | Reply

      Ich weiss :-) viel zu niedlich, um einfach weg zu geben.

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