Lekker by die see – my first week in Cape Town

A week ago I’ve landed in Cape Town for my long stay. What I have done the past week:

  • Last Saturday I’ve had breakfast at the Old Biscuit Mill market in Woodstock. You get there decent food from dutch pancakes, burger, salmon with potatoes to shawarma and nice smoothies. This time there were two guys from New York selling their yummy cupcakes. Of course my friend and I couldn’t just pass the booth. Beside the food market you can get there also nice clothes and accessory. And they’ve got a nice coffee bar there too.
  • As there was no wind on Saturday and Sunday, I’ve had time to calm down and relax. Plenty of time to have another smoothie at Kloof Street, doing grocery shopping and organise a local mobile number.
  • At Sunday I’ve been to the Goldfish concert at Shimmy Beach Club at the harbour next to the Waterfront.
  • On Monday the wind was back. The Cape Doctor (that’s the local name for the strong south-easterly wind) was blowing, so I’ve went to Langebaan for a smooth start to get into kitesurfing again. Langebaan is about an hour drive from Cape Town towards north. There’s a flat water lagoon. It’s a perfect spot for beginners or kiters who like to work on their freestyle maneuvers. Usually there’s less wind as around Kitebeach/ Table View, where I stay. My first day there was just awesome. After two years of NO jumping I’ve started there again. And you could hear me cheer every time I’ve landed properly after a jump. It’s such an awesome feeling when you forced to stop doing something and after a certain time you try it again and you still can do it as there wouldn’t be any break. WOOHOO! Stoked by this feeling I’ve went for another session the other day to Langebaan.
  • The last two days I’ve been kitesurfing here in Table View at the Kitebeach. There weren’t any waves. So it was easy to get into it.

All in all I have the feeling, Cape Town welcomed me with open arms, gave time to be well received and offered me a smooth start. I’m looking forward for next couple of weeks and what they have to offer. There are so many things to do…

lekker by die see

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