Saldanha and other sorts of activities – my second week in Cape Town

Last week was fulfilled with all sorts of activities. What I’ve done so far:

sundowner at karma in bigbay

Past weekend was full of kitesurfing. After a nice session we’ve enjoyed watching the pro’s riding in strong conditions. With a lovely sunset even more enjoyable…

131224_hot right now_top three

On the 24th of Dec I’ve launched my pattern store on my web page and a Ravelry store. I offered my first pattern Saldanha hat for free from the 24th until the 31st of Dec. I’ve checked late night at the 24th the Ravelry site and was more than excited when I saw that the pattern was in the “hot right now” list in the top three. How crazy is that?! Unbelievable! I couldn’t believe it at all that it was such a success. So far I have more than 2’000 downloads. I feel now as a designer and looking forward to create some new designs. Thank you so much for your support!

After one week of kitesurfing my knee forced me to stop being active. So I rather preferred enjoy the sunny (and not windy) day at the Bungalow, which is restaurant located to the landing spot for paragliders next to Clifton Bay. The restaurant is a posh place where paragliders are just an attraction for the guests but tolerated when they come for having a drink with the sweaty clothes. The opposite was close by when we walked back to our car. There were people from the townships braaiing at the beach so the air was all smokey. What a contrast so close together.

christmasparty at the beachhouse

Here in South Africa they celebrate christmas on the 25th of december. In Europe we do it on the 24th. So there was a huge christmas party at the Endless Summer Beachhouse in Table View going on. There were around 250 guests. First we all had a braai and went then straightly over to partying. It was a friendly and easy-going party with some Pro-Kiters like Ruben Lenten (who was one of the DJs), Kevin Langaree and Aaron Hadlow.

After partying hard I worked on a couple of new knitting projects the other day. The Tenta Cowl MKAL started and I couldn’t wait to see how the yarn looks like when knitted. I’m so in love with this colour. It’s Madelinetosh DK in Chamomile. Sadly the first clue was only about 13 rows. So something else had to be started: it’s the Collister cowl in a nice colour from my favorite indie dyer in Germany called Zauberwiese.

With light wind we started the day very early to be at the right time in Franschhoek for a morning flight over the vineyards. The wind picked up and after an hour of flying I went down. The view was perfect and I tried to catch some moments with my camera.

Driven by this nice flight and a lunch in Franschhoek we were in such a good mood to drive all the way to Saldanha to the dune – everything on the same day! There’s a dune about 30 meters high, located between the Mykonos Club (greek styled white houses) and the Saldanha Steel company (which are mainly just black buildings). Passing a bumpy, narrow gravel road towards the sea on a private property zone we found the dune with some other paragliding enthusiasts. We had lots of fun flying along the beach with this special view. By the end of the day we just fallen into bed. What a great day!

How have you spent christmas time? Was it in a traditional way? I haven’t found any presents under a tree, but can’t complain how I’ve spent this time in such a nice area, aren’t I?

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