My first design for a magazine: Palazzetto shawl

Since a few months I create my own knitwear designs. I always self-published them. But now, I want to go a step further and want to see them in magazines.

On the knitting platform Ravelry, there’s a forum for designers where the calls for submissions are posted. I followed the call from Twist Collective and submitted my idea.

Inspirations lies everywhere. It depends on the observer. For this shawl, I came up with the idea when I visited an exhibition about Luigi Nervi. Nervi was a structural engineer, who worked with concrete structures. The net-like structure of the Palazzetto dello Sport in Milano (Italy) inspired me for this design. My profession as an architect and my passion for knitting are combined in this design.

Palazzetto shawl twist collective submission page strick design stricken Tuch Palazzetto shawl twist collective submission page strick design stricken Tuch

For the submission, you have to put your idea on paper so that the editors get an idea of the design. As short as possible. Since I had already the knitted shawl, it was easy to take a few pictures and create a sketch of the finished shape. Then I submitted the pages above. And then I had to wait, wait and wait again. (Sometimes patience is not my strength.) After two months, my design was accepted. (Of course, I could not resist a joyous dance.)

I worked with the editors of Twist Collective and a test knitter. Within two months I had the pattern ready. Twist Collective tech edited the pattern, did the layout and made photos of the finished shawl. (As well as given a new name.)

The pattern is available on Ravelry and there you’ll find further information about it.

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  1. Mia
    | Reply

    Das ist ja mal echt ein riiichtig cooles Design! Super!

    • donnarossa
      | Reply

      Oh, vielen lieben Dank, Mia. Manchmal kommt die Inspiration ganz unverhofft :-)

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