Road trip – second stop: north of Denmark

After the wind changed to east, we start the engine of our campervan and drive to Denmark’s East Coast. When we talk with people about Denmark, everybody comes up with Klitmøller and Løkken. These are two famous spots for kitesurfing – and also paragliding along the dunes. Of course we have it all the time in our head. But the wind blows from another direction, which is difficult to predict. And being at the right spot, is even more difficult.

map roadtrip denmark north east

The Europe’s kite and windsurf spot guide always with us, it leads us to Hou. It’s a small vacation town with an endless, sandy beach. We arrive in the evening and park close to the harbour.

roadtrip denmark hou beach quite

roadtrip denmark hou beach wild camping

The other day supposed to be windy, but when we check the wind forecast, it changed already. We take it as a chance and pack our books and towels for a beach day. The whole day we spend there and see just one dog lady. It is not only empty, it is also quite. Soooo quite. We start to whisper, in case we would disturb someone. Crazy, isn’t it?

After a promising forecast for the next day, we sleep another night there. But the forecast changes again and there is no wind. Time to change the place.

roadtrip denmark aalborg

On the way to the west coast we stop in Aalborg. The city has more than 120’000 citizens. It offers not only ancient but also mordern architecture. With our bikes we discover Aalborg and have a snack in a brewery.

It wouldn’t me, if I would not look for yarn shops, right? I like to support local yarn shops. Close to Aalborg is the town Aabybro, where the headquarter of Holst is. Holst is a danish yarn company. (In Switzerland you only get it through one online shop.)

roadtrip denmark holst studio

A bit outside of Aabybro, Helle Holst has her studio. Look at this different colours! It’s such a difference to see these tones by nature than online. Hard to get them on a picture.

roadtrip denmark holst customer service

So many colours and so many options. Helle’s helpful and her customer service is outstanding. She takes her time vor every customer.

I know, I have a SABLE (Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy) but I have to buy a few balls as a souvenir…

roadtrip denmark hamborg beach wild camping

With north-easterly wind we drive to Hamborg. Parked right at the beach, we spend there the night. My view the other morning is beautiful. But the wind is blowing side-offshore.

roadtrip denmark bulbjerg

We drive further east to Bulbjerg. There it is even more offshore. Bad luck. But a nice spot.

As it looks windier on the forecast, we drive back to Hou. Arriving late afternoon, the light wind is side-onshore. I pump the biggest kite and have a session.

In Denmark wild camping is forbidden. As we already have wild-camped a few nights, we go on the campground to fill the tanks and do some laundry. (This is an expensive experience. In comparison, Sankt Peter-Ording is a bargain.)

roadtrip denmark hou beach windy

The other day, we want to leave Hou. But then it is (finally) very windy. We have to pump our smallest kites and go in the messy water. The wind blows first side-on before it turns to onshore. Some swedish kiters pop up and we are around six people on the water. Hooray, finally some people at the beach!

Hungry to get more sessions on the water, we drive towards Denmark’s south- west coast. Our next stop will be Blavand.

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