Road trip – third stop: south of Denmark

On the third stop of our roadtrip we go further south. The forecast says for the next days wind from south-east to south-west. In the north of Denmark we aren’t successful to find the right spots. So we drive to the south-west coast of Denmark, in the hope to get more sessions on the water.

roadtrip denmark south route

After a windy session with messy waves in Hou we drive to the south-west coast of Denmark – to Blavand.

Blavand has less than 200 citizens, but more than 2’000 holiday huts. The town is packed by german tourists – and therefore a lot of road signs. The touristic town even offers a zoo and a candy factory.

roadtrip denmark blavand lighthouse view beach

On the westernmost point of Denmark, there is the light house “Blavandshuk Fyr”. We visit the 39 meters tall lighthouse and enjoy the view.

roadtrip denmark blavand bunker

Around the lighthouse and further north there are many shelters from the second World War. The area is used for army exercises and you can hear shootings. When you stay in Blavand, you have to get used to it.

roadtrip denmark blavand waterpark windmill

Next to the information center about the lighthouse, there’s another information center about the offshore windmill park far out in the water. You can see them very small on the picture above.

roadtrip denmark romo beach drive car

We aren’t lucky to have a kitesession in Blavand and drive further south. In Rømø we are luckier with kitesurfing. With strong wind and good waves my boyfriend had a nice session.

Rømø is the southern wadden sea island and is connected with the mainland by a dam. The island has a huge beach, where you can park your car.

On a windless day, we spend the time discovering a town in the neighbourhood. As we went to Holst last time, this time it’s my boyfriend’s choice what to do. He chooses to visit the Vikinger museum in Ribe.

Ribe is the oldest town of Denmark. There were findings from the 8th century. Buildings from the dark age still exsist. In the museum itself they show findings and explain how the vikings lived.

roadtrip ribe denmark

The town is very “hyggelig” (danish for cozy). We enjoy the ride with our bikes through the small streets.

After the museum we need some energy in form of cakes. We go to the Quedens gaard for coffee and cakes. Try their carrot cake. Because there’s a serious fork fight over my pieces going on… Yummy!

Do you remember, what I told you about Sankt Peter-Ording and food times? Well, Denmark is even worse. We have been to many places, where the restaurant closes around 8pm. It makes it really hard to go out for dinner!

In Ribe we found a restaurant, where you can eat until 9pm. Weis Stue is a traditional restaurant which excists since 1600(!). Some of the interior is still from the ancient time. Straight walls or doors are hard to see. The menu of the charming restaurant is nothing for vegetarians. They serve mainly meat and fish dishes. But the food is exquisite.

Warned by (mainly) germans about the prices in Denmark, we did our groceries in Flensburg (Germany) before we passed the border. Doing groceries in Denmark is more expensive. And the beer prices are horrendous. But foodwise, the prices in the restaurants are more or less the same as in Switzerland.

roadtrip denmark south romo beach

After another night on a “Rasteplads” (resting place) we drive to Rømø. Strong winds expect us and my boyfriend had another kitesession. For me it’s too much wind as I’m still suffering from the last session in Hou. I’m not yet fit enough for those kind of conditions. I rather prefer to prepare some stuff for my workshops at the Swiss Wulle Festival in Zug. What a nice office view, isn’t it?

roadtrip lighthouse westerhever north sea

The forecast for the next days predicts more south-west to westerly winds. We hit the road and have a quick stopover in St.Peter- Ording – on the campground Biehl. There we enjoy the kite sessions followed by sauna treatments. And after the sessions we go with our bycicles and explore the surroundings.

roadtrip germany laundry spinning day

Sometimes it’s useful to spend the day on the campground. We can do our laundry and I spin some yarn :-)

The forecast doesn’t look great for the next couple of days. Time to leave and look for another spot. Our next stop will be the Netherlands.

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