Road trip – first stop: Sankt Peter- Ording

Moin! Our road trip just started. We drove to Sankt Peter- Ording in northern Germany. The first stop had a promising wind forecast.

Healthwise I was finally ready for our road trip. After four months of intense training, I finished all my therapies by the end of August.

The next step for our travel was to find a subtenant. Within 24 hours we decided for a subtenant and the handover. That means, we had to remove our stuff and clean the apartment to make it ready. This was hectic and exhausting. By the end, we’re happy to found someone.

A short stopover at the in-laws’ house – or also called “Hotel Mama” – was a nice treat. Once there, my boyfriend used the time to install solar panels and other electricity things with his father.

roadtrip first stop sankt peter ording

After a tight sleep and the last finishing on our camper van, we were ready to start. Our first stop was St. Peter- Ording. The forecast for the next days looked good: they expected a storm.

As we’ve been there five years before, we knew it might be easier to go on a camping ground – instead of parking at the beach. But later about that.

sankt peter ording kite bike beach

Of course my boyfriend couldn’t hold back and we went to the beach soon. Packed with his smallest kite we went by bike to the beach.

The beach of St. Peter- Ording is huge. A big playground for everybody. There’s space enough for all beach lovers.

sankt peter ording kitesurf

The first day there was wind from south-west, which was great. The sun shined through.

roadtrip sankt peter ording kitesurf beach

sankt peter ording hiding kite rain

With the strong north-westerly wind the weather changed. Every half hour: sunny, cloudy, rainy. All three very intense. This was a bit annoying for watching the kitesurfers. Even with a raincoat I got quite wet. To hide behind the beach chairs was helpful. But sometimes they were just too far away and I had to hide under the kite.

roadtrip sankt peter ording - car in the water

Some of the beach lovers drove with their cars on the beach. Usually not a problem. But with the storm and the on-shore wind direction, the water flooded the beach. Some of the drivers were fast enough to drive away. But some of them not. This is the game…

After the storm with more than 30 knots, the wind got less powerful. The time was ready for me and I wanted to try.

sankt peter ording prepring to kitesurf

Squeezed in my brand new wetsuit, I went with my gear to the beach. What a coincidence! Guess what’s my favorite colour! (Even the colour of my nailpolish matches….)

sankt peter ording kite surf

With light wind conditions I pumped the biggest kite (11 square meters) I tried it. First I played at the beach with my kite to check, if I’m able again to do it. With on-shore wind and the tide running in, I went in the water. And look here: I was able to kite. You can imagine, how proud I was. One and a half month earlier than my doctors said, I already was on the water. HOORAY!

After an intense week with cleaning, driving, kiting, we were ready to give our exhausted bodies a nice treatment. We went to the Dünen-Therme with saunas and steam baths.

Foodwise is St. Peter- Ording a bit old- fashioned. Don’t get me wrong. The food was excellent (check Wanlik- Hus). But entering a restaurant at half past nine was a big deal. Many of the restaurants closed the kitchen at nine or half past eight. (In Switzerland you get usually food until half past nine – and some restaurants also later.) Luckily we found a restaurant where you get warm food until ten (Deichkind).

sankt peter ording beach life

After my kiteday the wind dropped and changed direction to north-east. Time to hit the road again and drive towards Denmark’s east coast…

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