FO – Knitted Yoke Top

You look for a fast summer project? You want to upcycle an old shirt? You want to use leftovers from another project? This is the right pattern for you.

roving three waters farm

Since the last Stitching Retreat I spin. And after my last holiday in Cape Town I spun a lot. I’m attracted by colorful fibers. And so did this roving from Three Waters Farm. The color is called “Garden Shadows” and the fiber is Polwarth and Silk.

Garden shadow small skein close up

I tried a 3-ply. But one of the plies run out and I had only two. So I spun with the rest a 2-ply and this yarn was produced. It’s a lace or light fingering weight yarn. Only 18g.

Garden shadow small skein

Pattern: Knit Yoke Top by Laura Poulette (free pattern)
Needle size: 7.00mm
Yarn: my handspun lace/ light fingering weight
Yardage: 18 g/ 93 m

knitted yoke top - knitted yoke flat

I knitted the piece – swatching included – within less than four hours. You knit a rectangle with a neck opening. That’s it.

On my project page on Ravelry you find my modifications and tipps.

knitted yoke top - shirt cut

Then I had to prepare the shirt. I took a new one, because I hadn’t the one I was looking for. I bought mine for less than 8 Euros.

I cutted the upper part. Then I cleaned the edge with my sewing machine.

knitted yoke top - hand sewing

The attaching of the knitted yoke was by hand. I placed the back stitch sewing under the bind off. It’s nearly invisible.

knitted yoke top - front

I’m really proud with my product. All in all I made it in two afternoons. I like this kind of projects, which takes no time AND looks good.

knitted yoke top - back

I can’t handle woolen shirts. They are just too warm for me. This combo with a jersey on the lower part seems the right way for me.

It’s not only a project to upcycle, it’s done in no time. It took me less than four hours to knit the yoke (swatching included). And an afternoon to prepare the shirt and the sewing. Within less than 8 hours you have a finished, wearable project. How nice is that?

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