Stitching Retreat 2015 – roundup

After successful two retreats, I organised another one: the Stitching Retreat 2015. And I improved here and there some things. All wrapped up in a short roundup…

The last two retreats I organised through this website. For the third I wanted a more professional look. So I blocked the domain and set up a website with all the information.


We met at the same location as usual: at the youth hostel in Fällanden. We had the whole house just for us. There was plenty of space for everybody as it has space for 48 persons.

Stitching Retreat 2015 - breakfast buffet

As it is a self-catered house we cook together. Everybody helps each other and it makes a very familiar atmosphere. We had croation and mexican dinners, healthy breakfasts and different banana breads. Nobody would die of starvation :-)


Last year Anne-Catherine held a pouf-knitting class. The attendees were very happy about it. This year I offered more than one class. For the guests it was optional to attend.

The plant dyeing class was held by Anna & Juan. In four hours the couple showed a glimpse in the plant dyeing world. Fascinated by the colours created by nature, the participants could dye their own silk scarf.

Stitching Retreat 2015 - yoga session

One idea of this retreat is that you can profit from each other. Everybody knows something and the others can profit from their knowledge. One of them is Annika, a swiss yoga champion (!). She held a yoga class on sunday morning. The weather was perfect to held it outside. With fresh air and a real sky to look at, the poses were made easier.


For the first time at the Stitching Retreats I held a marketplace. What would be better to sell some yarn at a retreat with nothing than yarnaholics?

At the last two times of the retreat it was bad weather. Therefore I planned to held it insight. There would be only space for three tables in the separate room. This year we had really good weather and we took the chance to held the marketplace outside.

Stitching Retreat 2015 - anna juan booth

Anna & Juan brought different yarn qualities to show their colour palette by plant dyeing, project bags and wooden crochet hooks.

Stitching Retreat 2015 - siidegarte booth

Siidegarte brought lots of yarn. The local dyer presented their beautys in silk or silk blends.

Stitching Retreat 2015 - yarn haul

This is my yarn haul from the Stitching Retreat. I couldn’t resist and had to buy some Siidegarte yarn. Just to try it. Of course.

The cashmere quality from Anna & Juan is awesome. I had already a white skein and want to make a hat. I needed more yarn for a hat and had to buy more (poor me!).

Later the day Annika (withabutton) joined us again. She was at a luggage market where she sold her handmade projectbags. The stuff she didn’t sold, she brought with and we could admire (and buy) her beautiful work. Of course I had to buy one too.

Stitching Retreat 2015 - sitting outside marketplace

Though we were a small group it was a relaxed and familiar atmosphere. It was enough time to chat with everybody, to help and to laugh. The gathering is always essential on these retreats :-)

Stitching Retreat 2015 - view lake greifensee

Thanks to the great weather we enjoyed sitting outside. Being outside makes this place even more special.

The view on the lake is so beautiful. What a stress-relief!

I want to thank all attendees for this special time at the Stitching Retreat 2015. I’m grateful for your help, your conversations and having a good time!

See you at the next retreat in 2016…


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