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Sometimes things fit in life – quite effortlessly. These moments should be appreciated. For there are also stony times. In the last months, I have experienced both.

After my long trip, I came back in spring. First, I immediately separated myself from foreign material in my joints (screws and plates). For a few weeks, I had to hold still – which is quite difficult for me. Then I was finally allowed to search for jobs. The job search was stony. In August I was still busy with applications and interviews. After countless refusals and self-doubt about my own skills, the viscous search has solved. Suddenly everything went like clockwork. Since mid-September, I’m working for a new company and trying to sort out the new day’s structure – which is not always easy. The new job is good, the new employees are great, but in the evening I sometimes have little energy to do anything else. But it gets better from week to week.

In addition to being in the new job, another task comes into play. But this mystery can only be solved in November. Just so much to say: I work on many designs and would like to show you more of it soon. So you can be curious …

“It does not always have to make sense. It is often enough when it is fun.” (anonym)

And this is how I decided this week to knit the Mystery Sweater Knitalong from Ankestrick. A Mystery Knitalong is a pattern in which one does not know how the final product looks in the forefront. You get parts of the instructions (usually weekly) and share your progress on medias like Ravelry or Instagram. Shared fun is double fun.

So far I’ve knitted shawls (like Exploration Station, Color Craving) in mystery knitalongs. New is now a sweater. Just a bit crazy. All the work and then you don’t even know what the thing looks like. Phew. But the charm wins. These tips “How to choose the right MKAL” helped me.

MKAL MKALahoi sweater pullover yarn mystery knitalong

Since I still want to spend six months with my wool diet, I have to get along with the already bought wool. I dive into my stash and find three skeins of Dream in Color “Smooshy” (and it feels like that) in the colour Dusky Aurora. I swatched for the gauge and have exactly the same number of stitches as specified. A sign, isn’t it? Yesterday the Mystery Knitalong started. The first part of the pattern has been published. The partial instructions are published every two weeks. The last and fourth part will be published at the beginning of December. So you can be curious …

And what do you pack next, which is out of your comfort zone?

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  1. Corinne
    | Reply

    Have fun with your kal. I am not very good with mysteries, I need to know where I am going ?

    • donnarossa
      | Reply

      Thanks, Corinne. I did shawl MKALs, but a sweater MKAL is new to me. As I like the style of Ankestrick patterns, it won’t be super crazy pattern. Risky, but fun anyway :-)

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